[MyL5] New to the L5 fam

I have been fiddling around with the phone for the last 3 hours. Intrigued by the design decisions. Definitely feels like a pocket computer than a smartphone. Somethings that immediately came to mind was What’s the ideal way to add more sources to the repository lists so I can fill in some of the gaps in the PureOS Store? and two Is there a easy to follow guide on setting up AnBox?


Definitely feels like a pocket computer than a smartphone.

That sounds so exciting… seriously.


Add the repository to /etc/apt/sources.list then do sudo apt update and then install with the sudo apt install package command.

Not an easy way, but see the FAQ.


Now if the talk back voice can only sound like Majel Barrett.


As far as I know, there is only a subset of programs available in the PureOS store. Probably those that already have been adjusted to the small screen size of the L5.

Anyway there are plenty of more programs available through APT. Some of those programs may be usable to a certain degree out of the box, even if they don’t have been explicitly adjusted to the L5’s screen size and others will probably simply unusable.

Actually, there is a small set of applications adapted by Purism here, under these categories (a couple dozen or so):

But all the apps of the regular PureOS repo (not all officially adaptive) are available from the search function:

Once the Flathub repo is added (if it’s not installed already), officially adaptive apps will appear alongside the adaptive PureOS apps in the categories shown in the first screenshot above. Also the many flatpaks that are not officially adaptive will be available through the wider search function.

Yes, this gets you more selection.


This might be of interest…

And this:

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@amosbatto @amarok @prolog Thanks for all the links it’s very much appreciated. I have been exploring them the past couple days. Gradually getting all the desired applications and what not running on it. For Anbox seba_dos mentions an Android.img would something like this be sufficient? https://developer.android.com/topic/generic-system-image/releases and it being ARM64 so the top one?

This is a question for @dos.

Have you tried this method of installing Anbox?

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No. You need an Anbox image - AOSP built with Anbox system support. anbox-image-builder automates it for you.


awesome thanks for clearing that up I’ll give it a go.

@dos worked out great man thank you. One question though why such a massive work space for such a small img?

@amosbatto @amarok do any of you know how to drop apk files into anbox? Outside of just using Fdroid.

I don’t have any experience with Anbox yet.

I haven’t tried it, but this is standard AOSP, so there is a setting to allow sideloading of apps:


@amarok no worries I was able to figure out a solution

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Oooo0o00oo0o0o0o interesting I ended up just installing adb an adding them in that way. But wouldn’t mind looking at that and having another method. Thanks for the share @amosbatto

adb install package.apk. Anbox shows up in adb just like an Android device connected via USB.


Thanks @dos I figured that one out last night following David Hammers vid on Anbox.