[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

My phone arrived this morning via Fedex, USA. The box contains, in addition to the phone and its internal components, the following items:

  1. Compact USB-C charger with folding North America-type electric prong
  2. Sturdy 3-ft (92cm) charging cable
  3. 2 different electric prong adapters for international use
  4. Sturdy wired earbuds with in-line phone control; approximately 50 inches (127 cm) long
  5. A pin for opening the SIM/SD card tray
  6. A Quick Start booklet (full manual is at https://docs.puri.sm/Librem_5.html )
  7. A personal Thank You card from Todd

The phone’s screen is protected by a tabbed peel-off sheet, but it looks like if you take it off, the screen will be unprotected. >>>EDIT: There is a screen protector that I didn’t notice at first, but it is apparently meant just for protection during transit. See:

The phone weighs 9.3 ounces (263 g)…so yes…heavy.

I’ll be happy to answer questions once it’s finished charging and I’ve had a chance to set it up and test things out. (No requests for videos, please.)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the entire Purism team for all the work they put into making this GNU/Linux phone a reality. Bravo, guys!


That is why they do not talk about a phone anymore, but about a “general purpose computer in your pocket”.
… Marketing …


No videos but maybe a pic or two? This is going to be really cool. I am looking forward to receiving mine too when that happens.
Enjoy that baby!


And I’m OK with that concept. It’s 2+ pounds lighter than the laptop I travel with. (Though the Librem 5 has always been characterized as a fully functional computer.) :smiley:
Anyway, it may be a while before it’s ready to be a full replacement for other phones.


Congrats on getting your phone!

This. If you have ever tried to move someone from a Windows PC or Mac over to a Linux computer, you know that there is always “that one app” (or sometimes more than one) that prevents it from being a daily driver.

Right now the Librem 5 has the essential, core functionality we have been focused on completing to give it a good foundation for the rest (Calls, SMS, Web, Email etc). Along the way we’ve been able to get some extra features added that will start to show up soon like plug-and-play convergence. That said, people use their phones for many different functions. The motivation behind the “Fund Your App” campaign is to understand which app(s) customers need to make the Librem 5 their daily driver so we can focus on that next.


I wonder how many updates you’ll need get to download now… :smiley:

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Not many because that is a very fresh image made with the finest software ingredients, baked in one of the best artisanal/traditional build servers, following years of traditions. Certified Organic :smiley:

The Image used was created like yesterday, or monday.


“…from a Windows PC or Mac over to a Linux computer…”
Fortunately, I surgically removed Windows from my life 8 years ago, and have never regretted the loss of any Microsoft app. Everything I personally need can be found in Linux software, and without the usual MS headaches. I do use Android right now, but I’ve disabled as much googlefornication as possible without replacing the OS entirely. So, I’m really excited about this first step in freedom-respecting mobile. With the entire Debian ecosystem available to app developers, I have no doubt the application base will grow quickly.
Again, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we can’t thank you guys enough!


Well said.

And let me add that I will hate and envy you (well, slightly) until I get mine :smiley:


Also, I contributed to the campaign on 7 September 2017, if anybody cares to know that. I was originally offered Chestnut.


I contributed 11 Jan 2018. I shouldn’t be too far away then I hope-. I didn’t save the email and can’t honestly say I was offered an earlier model or not.

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Very excited for you! Can’t wait for pics, videos and you overly long, nothing left out, detailed review :grinning:

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Congratulations on being the very first :wink:

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I have a question: What is your local PureOS username?

I ask because what I imagined was that I use simply myFirstName as user name like I do it on classical desktop Linux. I have already a Pinephone PMOS edition. At setup I input myFirstName as username and choose to encrypt storage. Now whoami returns “user”. So thats the username I operate on. There is somewhere myFirstName for encryption or so. Also the PIN to unlock the phone is the password for root, but different from my normal password. I think it is not the best decision. PMOS also uses phosh.

So how is it with PureOS on L5? What does whoami return?

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The command whoami returns “purism” even though I’ve created a new username and password for myself. I also restarted the phone.

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We disable the root account in PureOS on the Librem 5 so there is no root password. We currently just use a default “purism” username on the Librem 5 as well.


disabled root account['s password] I presume (as in passwd -l)

To get more technical we go a step further and lock the root account. You can see the specific merge request here: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/image-builder/-/merge_requests/123


Not many because that is a very fresh image made with the finest software ingredients

…there are some updates in -staging waiting for migration already though :wink:


yup, thanks, --lock-root-password that is, no fancy uid remaps