[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

Seems durable to me. There are 6 tabs around the sides and it fits flat against the internals with no gaps or play. I wouldn’t start flinging it across the room a lot, though.


Question for Purism team: Is the L5 supposed to see an attached USB drive for file transfer? It doesn’t seem to be recognizing mine. I also don’t see “+Other Locations” in the file manager (as shown in screen shots above).

Edit: referring to Mladen’s & Joao’s screen shots.


I hope there is a protective case for it soon, I drop my phone too often and if I didn’t have my otter case my phone would be in pieces LOL, same with protecting the glass.

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You might have to mount it first, I generally disable the “automount” option on my computers if it isn’t already. Usually that can be done in the file manager, but I’ve never used PureOS.

You mean through the terminal?

Like I said, usually it can be done in the file manager, but I’ve never used PureOS, much less on a phone. The terminal should certainly work, though.

Lollipop music player works. Recognizes music files stored on SD card. Can access music through the player or by double-clicking on a song in file manager. Music continues to play after display turns off. When reactivating screen by pressing the on button, player widget shows above time/notification display on the lockscreen. Cool!
Sound quality is good (although it’s mono, I assume); speaker on bottom edge of phone.
Through the included earbuds, music sounds really good. Inline volume control works. (Inline play/pause doesn’t seem to do anything.)
(File manager also sees SD card when inserted, by the way.)

Spelling correction: Lollypop


I don’t see a way in the file managers I have. Tried listing drives in terminal, but don’t see it there. I’ll create a new thread for that after I test another USB drive.


What is your impression about the weight which is about 1/2 pound? Does the feeling of heaviness goes away after prolonged use?


I’m mostly using it on a table, so I’m not really carrying it around, and I haven’t taken it anywhere. In the pocket it’s heavier than other phones, but it won’t drag your pants down. It’s just 3 ounces heavier than my Android phone. And possibly twice as thick, depending.


I created new “apps” for Startpage and Wikipedia by opening Web, navigating to those sites, and choosing “Install Site as Web Application” from the browser menu. They now show in the app drawer. Hey… INSTANT APPS! :wink:


Is the L5 supposed to see an attached USB drive for file transfer?

No. It should be visible as a serial port and network card, but there’s no USB file transfer yet (unless you use something like ssh over USB networking).


OK, thanks, Sebastian. I can wait for that functionality. For now, I can either send/receive via bluetooth, or just create an email draft to get an attachment from one of my devices to another. Or use the SD card, obviously.


Which is actually more secure, see BadUSB.

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RE: Terminal
It’s kind of hard to scroll output slowly in Terminal.
By the way, sudo apt-get update seems to work, if you prefer that way over manually checking the PureOS store.

Also, I don’t see a way to dismiss the keyboard in Terminal.

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Don’t you have that little button in the bottom right corner of the screen, that will show/hide the keyboard, below the keyboard itself?


Question for Purism:
Can the wallpaper screen serve some purpose, e.g. adding widgets or shortcuts, or is it just there to hide the app drawer?


Ah, yes. Thanks. I totally missed that.

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What use case or purpose were you thinking?

I just wondered what it can do, either now or in the future. A place for widgets, or to display a favorite background/photo, etc. It’s nice to look at as is, though.