[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

We disable the root account in PureOS on the Librem 5 so there is no root password. We currently just use a default “purism” username on the Librem 5 as well.


disabled root account['s password] I presume (as in passwd -l)

To get more technical we go a step further and lock the root account. You can see the specific merge request here: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/image-builder/-/merge_requests/123


Not many because that is a very fresh image made with the finest software ingredients

…there are some updates in -staging waiting for migration already though :wink:


yup, thanks, --lock-root-password that is, no fancy uid remaps

There was one update to download. Check for updates by opening PureOS store.
Preloaded apps:
Phone dialer
Messaging (Chatty)
Clocks (time, stopwatch, alarms)
Document Viewer (i.e. pdf)
Email client (Geary)
PureOS Store (software/app downloads)
Text Editor (notepad)
Usage (system monitor)

Observations (and I’m still learning the OS layout/actions:

Switching between pages/settings/apps is a little laggy, but not too bad. When switching between apps, you’ll first see the last app you were in before it switches to the newly selected app

Entering location name for weather, time, etc., takes a few seconds to populate with known place names.

Touch responsiveness is better if you let fingertip linger on the screen for a fraction of a second.

Phone calls/SMS work. Will report on MMS later.
Internet works.

I’m disappointed to see no dark mode. (Maybe coming later?)

Phone boots up fast.

Doesn’t appear to remember Screen Lock OFF setting. Requires entering unlock code. (And you can set your own code.)

I don’t see a way to display the contents of the drive, unless you can do it through the terminal.

Bluetooth file transfer with another device works, but I don’t know where the file downloaded to on the Librem 5 (because of above).

Can’t figure out how to get phone to default to my time zone. EDIT: Figured it out: Don’t select Automatic Time Zone. Then you get a world map to choose your time zone.

I don’t see a VoLTE setting in the mobile options. (I’m using an AT&T MVNO.)


Never mind…it’s in Usage (system monitor) under “Storage”. All the expected items are there: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, Trash, etc.


In my Downloads is a photo I sent over bluetooth, but I can’t seem to open it even though it registers my touch.

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There are thermal sensors for the vpu, gpu, cpu, and battery. Cool! (The phone is actually warm, though.)


Queue jumper. :rofl:

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You may not have a default image viewer set. If you go to PureOS Store and search for “Firefox” for instance, you will be able to install it and it should automatically set itself as the default image viewer.


Any plans for something like eog? Firefox is a bit heavyweight just for viewing images.

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Searched for Firefox, found Iceweasel. Download failed.
But is a browser the best solution for this? Is there a way to set default programs?

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Ya and it runs, but it doesn’t entirely fit yet, unfortunately.


It depends. You can also search for and install “eog” but as I mentioned, it isn’t yet adaptive and you may have to use it in landscape mode.


Must be a bug in the PureOS Store. You could also use the terminal and type:

sudo apt install firefox-esr

I just downloaded Caja (file manager) and it offers to find the appropriate program to open a file. I’ll try an appropriate image viewer.


I’ve found the “nemo” file manager package also works well on the screen’s form-factor.


I have some questions…

  1. How exactly does the homescreen/app drawer/recents work and how does the homescreen/home page work? When you press the “Home” button, where does it send you, is there a homepage or just a big app drawer? It’s just a bit unclear to me how all of that works…

  2. Is the notification drawer a “slide” like on Android/iOS, or a “tap”?

Also, can’t you just use gnome files for a file browser? Or is that not optimized yet?

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It’s also worth noting that the apps that show up in the PureOS store categories when in phone mode, are apps we have approved as being adaptive.

However if you search you search through the whole APT catalog and a great many of those applications you will find are not yet adaptive.