[MyL5] Received my Librem 5 (Evergreen)

First hit to internet search of pinepower

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It can’t be that I need another device to operate a dock that does not include a power adaptor. It is not reasonable. So the question remains does baseus dock work with L5 power adapter or not? Does it work connected to a USB-typeA of a laptop? If not then the device should be considered defective. I will wait for @spaetz reply and tests. If no solution is found I will return the dock claiming it’s warranty.


This is my L5 with the Baseus dock and the charger and cable as supplied by Purism. I don’t know with which current it is charging, but it charges. Also it shows that the L5 does fit the slot of the Baseus dock for me. It is more upright than I would like it to be, though :).


So you have two power sources. One coming from the L5 charger-and-cable and one coming from another power source through standard USB-typeA slot on the side of the dock. Is this right?

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No, the only power source is the PD source from the back. The USB A cable on the left side of the dock goes toward my USB keyboard. I prefer my pinepower as it has a multimeter included, showing me the charging current. I just tested the Purism-supplied charger and it charges the L5 with 1.5A.
UPDATE: Using the pinepower, I see that it pulls 2A.


OK, so I will return my baseus unit as faulty. Thanks a lot.

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You would use the existing power adapter i.e. that came with the Librem 5. Unless you already have a bigger / better one.

In theory yes but in practice that port may not provide enough power for the dock plus the phone (if you are actually plugging extra devices into the dock).

A USB-C port of a laptop with power delivery would be much better.

I understand your concern.

My recommended approach is to plug e.g. a keyboard into the dock and then the phone into dock. If the phone can see the keyboard then you have the phone plugged in correctly. If the phone can’t see the keyboard then you probably haven’t pushed it down enough. This applies even if there is no power to the dock (provided that the phone’s battery has enough juice to keep the phone running during the testing - around 500 mA - plus enough juice to power the keyboard - maybe 100 mA maximum, plus the dock itself).

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I would expect that it perhaps does not even provide enough power for the dock itself. I would guess that it needs to negotiate some higher current. I have not tried to plug in a “dumb” charger (and will not do so).

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I did - when the dock is plugged in to a USB-A source, the phone negotiates 900mA current, which depending on load may or may not be enough to power it. Adding to that the current consumed by the dock itself, I’d say the source you plug the dock into must be capable of providing at least 1.5A. FWIW, the USB 2.0 standard requires ports to support (simplifying it a bit) at least 500mA and USB 3.0 - 900mA, so it’s best to use a USB-A charger that’s clearly marked as capable of providing at least 1.5A this way.


@spaetz did you buy pinepower from US? Is there a EU reseller? This looks very good and looking locally in Greece did not find anything as good as this. I found similar products but none shows Volts and Amperes.

There is only the Pinestore. They are based in Hong Kong or China. The parcel came from a polish logistics firm, I think they have a warehouse there, so I had no trouble with customs. But it might be different for others, that was just my experience.

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In one of the monthly blog posts during the last six month pine64 wrote about their plans of resellers in some parts of the world, which would charge a higher price than the pine64 store. Probably logistics are faster and maybe customers have more rights or can make better use of them. I don’t know the current state.

OK, I will ask them for more information about shipping to Greece.

I wish you could ship me to Greece for a few weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:


No you wouldn’t like it in the situation we live with covid. It is not good. Too many cases for our health system, and the government refuses to put money in the public hospitals.

Maybe we can arrange to ship you to Greece later in summer. We cross our fingers for this possibility because the news for AstraZeneca vaccine are not good and people have already started refusing vaccination with this vaccine.

Other than that, you are of course welcome!


Another option is the NexDock Touch that I remember somewhere on this forum and also YT reviews. It has support for USB-C 3.1 with DisplayPort, and on nexdock.com specifically lists the L5 in its supported devices.

Guido showed that working with the Librem 5 here:

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I pre-ordered a nextdock 2 so hopefully I’ll get my phone sometime after that, hopefully not too long after…lol.

Me to, ive ordered a nexdock touch an my L5 was ordered sometime 3rd Qtr 2019. When I have both I’ll figure things out and then post/and YT things out as a newbie Linux’er, up to that time I’ll be studying…but wo the L5 the studying is zzzzzz… So send me the L5 (after enough stuff is worked out) and I will be rollin, rollin, rollin along;-)

@qxotk, congratulations on getting your L5! Can I make a suggestion? As your issues might take quite a lot of back and forth commenting, please copy your posts above into a new thread, so we can all start helping to troubleshoot.