Never ever buy purism products. you get no tech support from purism

Buy librem 5. Since the support dont give any support besides telling you to describe further. You do, as i have done more then 5 times since last year update that turned the phone to a non responsive brick. My librem is still lying useless after fue months of use. They (librem support ) is the worst i have evver experienced. No help at all, despite they messed the phone up.
I truly regret, more regrets then with any other product buying this phone (all due to no support at all from purism support) I am really pissed by now, after several emails seeking some help getting the phone up. the only responce i got so ar, everytime i write them, is “please describe your problem closer” I do, then nothing. Every time no one coming back to me. I threatend with lawsuit last time. And still no answer. It is a disgrace!! I truly regret supporting and prepaying and waiting patiantly out of contemt for their words of wonder. It needs a flash witch is what i have reached out to a non responsive support 5 times. With no ever comming back to me. It feels like a nightmare. And will never ever recommend anyone to buy this produce, nor anything else they sell. Unless tech support fix their flaus. Or give us the guidlines of what to expect.


I was investigating your last state of the forum discussion you had previous. This was the last related post I found. As far as I understand you just need to flash your phone and you have no Linux computer, but a Windows or Mac, right? In past I flashed my phone 2 times in 2 different ways - using a computer with Windows as only OS on it.

Way one: installing Linux on USB and boot the USB-installation. I found out that this was easy using the Librem 5 to create that USB-Linux system, but not to do so via Windows tools (may did not find the right one).
Way two: installing a VM directly on Windows, running a Debian system. This way you need to configure USB to pass a port to that VM. But overall it was an easy way. I would recommend you to choose this way, if you still want to fix your phone (without Purism support).

I mean, you still can sell it, it’s your decision. But if flashing is the only issue you have, it’s not worse it to give up on such thing (my opinion).

Edit: Alternative way we can Ping someone volunteer who can have a look into your issue with support. It may helps with your support issue.


I may fully tech supporting you in exchange for you to forgiving Purism for all the bad things Purism has made you feel?

Please beers with Purism as i,m did.


exuse me forum lads! The hour was late when writing this post. But the essence is my experience with purism support. One get more feedback from a wall, because of the sound bouncing back.
Yes i have HP windows now, tried to connect micro usb but no response.
Ok, Ick! As i told the support numerous times im no tech dude, so i have to ask you what is VM?
I have downloaded flash progam and pureos on a usb to usb-C. Hp did not recognize. I suspect i would have to restart HP with usb connected at startup.
Thank you for your time!

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I forgive purism for insufficient and fully lacking support back to me who have supported them since 2019. I still feel it twitch within my chest thinking about this unrighteous situation and total lack of support from purism tech support. It has really sucked since update insident des 2022.


Ping? I reside in norway. I have desided that if i can get the lib5 up and running i will use it as stationary, and go for a up phone as my daily.


Virtual Machine.

A way of running Linux on a computer that normally runs Windows and that is actually running Windows at the time.

I don’t recommend that approach if you are not technical.

Instead I recommend (outline procedure):

  • download a Linux .iso e.g. Ubuntu
  • write it to a flash drive using Windows
  • boot the flash drive on the computer - so now running Linux temporarily
  • it will offer “try” or “install” - you want “try”
  • install the needed packages under Linux
  • get the reflash script
  • run the reflash script

Even this procedure is not straightforward but I guess that’s part of the challenge of using Windows. If you were already running Ubuntu then the outline procedure would comprise:

  • run the reflash script

(as some of the steps would only have to be done once and you would have already done them, and other steps simply aren’t needed).

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@adel: What irvinewade said about VM. I can give you instructions to setup, if the USB-Linux-way does not work.

But first:

You need to download PureOS or any other Linux and install it on an USB-flash-drive. You can research the internet for the installing part or maybe a forum member knows Windows well enough to explain it. I failed at this part. Once you successfully installed it on USB-flash-drive, you have to restart your PC and boot from the USB. Usually this can be done by clicking on F2 or F11 (spam those buttons and if it boots normally, do repeat reboot and hitting those buttons). F11 should lead directly to the boot menu where you can choose where the PC should look for an OS first → choose USB.

The flash program have to be downloaded while running Linux, not before.

If you cannot successfully install Linux on USB-flash-drive for whatever reason, I show you how to run a VM.

This was the poined where I failed. I was downloading applications that should be able to prepare the flash drive, but they just did not create a functional OS → failed on starting OS. With Linux it was just a simple command line, with Windows it’s hacky (as usually). Installing a VM was much easier using VirtualBox.

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Canonical, for Ubuntu, recommends Rufus. However I don’t have any Microsoft Windows at all and hence have never tried it.

Was Rufus one of the applications that you tried?

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Cannot tell it anymore.

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for making bootable USB: etcher should work


gnu# cat x.iso > /dev/sdx && sync

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