New App: Scale Screen

A new app arrived in the software updates today as part of the Librem5 Goodies collection of bash scripts. It’s called Scale Screen.

It adds an icon to the screen, along with Contacts Importer and Screen Shot, which have already been described in the forum.

Here are the Scale Screen menu options:

(I don’t know how to use this app yet.)


My current app and web app collection:

Firewall still has to be run in the terminal.

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Yes, that script scale the screen was added to the librem5-goodies package, you can see here how it works


Next up for that package librem5-goodies might be a screen recorder.

Also this package: librem5-goodies should now be visible from the PureOS store


So this basically automates the wlf-randr script?


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Cool! Selecting a resolution setting affects everything. So if you really want to, you can do this:


A practical example (if I’ve got it right):
If you download an app that doesn’t scale well, and you can’t see all the buttons and controls you need (and can’t drag the view or scroll fully), you can reduce the overall resolution using Scale Screen, then check how the app displays and behaves.


I found that this app doesn’t work in QEMU.
It is running commands like wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale XXX, but DSI-1 doesn’t exist in QEMU. If I replace DSI-1 with Virtual-1 it works.

Would this be something you Purism folks would want a MR for? Or does it not matter so much since QEMU/virtual displays are not the intended target?

yes (Even purism staff members must respect the 10 chars rule)


I use yad for a GUI for using pactl for volume changes. How do I submit it to be part of librem-goodies?

You can make an MR here, or if you are not confortable with MR to deb packages, open a ticket at:

With that, those scaling levels could be named after how thick someone’s finger is - from “Child” to “Sausage” :wink:

But seriously. How does Thunderbird fly now?

Thunderbird still doesn’t really work, even if you shrink the resolution.

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I am comfortable updating the script, but is there more to a “MR on a deb package”.
If so, are there any instructions? If not, I can submit an issue and include my changes to the script to maybe speed that up.

Either way it’s a small script and adding something to check for display name should be very simple.

Issue here:

GNOME Mahjongg can be played easily if you reduce the scale. Can be rough on the eyes, though.