New Battery for Librem 5 - Where to buy?


where can I buy a new battery? (espacially in Germany)

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Uhm. Shipping fee costs $65.12 :frowning:

Is there an alternative german shop?


No there is not.

And please note:

NOTE for customers outside US: We will not be able to ship any orders that contain ONLY batteries, without containing a laptop and/or phone, due to regulations.

So despite the high shipping costs, shipping over sea is NOT possible.


Regarding shipping batteries to Germany, here are unofficial statements from Purism’s side that I’ve seen so far:

My own anecdata:
I bought several spare batteries along with the phone in the hopes that’d help balance wear and tear a little and delay the inevitable. But all three batteries are beginning to show their age.

To @nicole.faerber: What can we do to get Purism to release the files and schematics of the battery’s enclosure? So enthusiasts in Germany might be able to step in and develop an open-source replacement to keep their hardware chugging along?


There have been some (apparently after-market/reseller) L5 batteries on eBay. That may be an option for you in Germany. Compare specs to the original first, though.


I bought batteries from china for around 30 eur/each, these work perfectly.

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Please be so kind and post a URL of the chinese store.

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Somewhere someone wrote that he did send his librem5 (without batteries) to purism just to get it returned with batteries. He contacted support beforehand to arrange it.

About chinese batteries: Somewhere, I think it was a purism employee, stated, that those chinese offers are likely batteries, that didn’t pass the quality checks, and are therefore not safe for use. So its highly recommended not to buy or use them.

Lastly: Once I sumbled upon a service, that gave you an american adress, and than forwarded the goods to abroad destinations. Didn’t make use of any of such services yet and I cant tell if and how those handle goods like batteries.


Package forwarding services typically have restrictions on batteries, among other items.