New Librem 14 will not power on

You might as well try and let them fix it again, seeing as you’ve got nothing to lose at this point.

It sounds like a good situation for a credit card chargeback to me (if possible).

Just wanted to update everyone that so far, it seems like a third time has been a charm. No power issues in the almost 2 months I’ve had my replacement.

Same problem on my L14 after 1 month of usage. I’m having really bad feeling right now, more than 2000 USD (with taxes). Saddly I’m thinking to make a bad review for the spanish speaking community about the “securest laptop”. Also, wondering whether we should get together for a lawsuit at this point.

It is normal that some electronics fail, this does not mean that Purism is doing something wrong, I have seen large electronics companies with defective devices, this is normal even if these devices have pass high testing standards, instead of speaking bad of a company that is trying to do bold electronics to have freedoms for us call to customer service that it is more smart and fair.

@carlosgonz all of us have bought this laptop for the same reason, so that speech is redundant.

I just not understands peoples here, because L14 is a security-privacy reprogrammable gnu+linux unclevo ethical Laptop so if something fail ok go troubleshooting…go reprogramming the firmwares on chipsets, we all know that gnu+linux it is a faulty system with many bugs everywhere. If you do not want faulties then go for the Apple Jail but don’t blame Purism much.

Used linux with gnu many years now. Never realized it had many bugs …


Got my third replacement Librem 14 on June 10, nearly 5 full weeks after reporting that the 2nd one had died with the exact same defect as the first. I was writing to customer service several times a week to check on the status of the case and it still took nearly 5 weeks to get a replacement, during which time I had no laptop. The third one died yesterday. They refused my refund request after the second failure. I’m requesting a refund again, we’ll see what they say but I’m not very hopeful. I spent nearly $2k on this laptop and they have sent me 3 defective machines in a row. Would absolutely NOT recommend buying one of these unless you’ve got money to burn.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but its sort of incredible that you’ve had three of the same failures in a row. There’s always some length of time between receipt and failure. I wonder if you have a bad power strip or something?

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I’ve tried with multiple outlets and chargers. This last one actually died while I was out of town visiting friends so not even plugged into an outlet at my house. I wish it was a charger or power strip issue because then I could fix it! But since when I send it in for ‘repair’ they never give me any further information about what / why / how it failed, I don’t really have a way to do any troubleshooting.

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After some back and forth with support I sent the dead L14 to be fixed (on Purism expenses) and got to make it work on Monday. So far so good.

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Just adding here that I have a new librem 14 and it just died after 2.5 weeks in exactly the same way. After reading about people having this problem multiple times in a row, I’m returning it since it’s still within 30 days. I love what Purism is trying to do. Unfortunately I can’t afford to have a laptop potentially die over and over the same way. :frowning: Hoping this gets better in the future.

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I just got hit with the same exact issue with my librem14. I have 2 librem 14’s and this was a second one a barely used until now.

Since I have two of them I can tel you for sure the following:

  1. Its not a power adapter issue. If I flip power adapters the results are the same. The power adapter one the failed librem charges the other just fine.

  2. since i have 2 i was able to remove the fully charged battery from the working librem14 and place it in the dead one – its boots up just fine and the drained battery charges just fine in the working librem14. There it’s not a battery issue - This is a hardware failure.

  3. people speculating that its an EC issue: Since i can run broken librem14 using the other battery I reflashed it to the latest EC and just to make sure also updated to latest verison of coreboot --> This didn’t work either so again points to a hardware failure.

I was able t troubleshoot this in less than an hour. Why is there no response from pusrism on this thread in months? Can you please tell us what the issue from the boards you received from cusotmers? I am too afraid to send you mine because who knows when I will ever get it back from past experiences.

Is this a fix I can do an a local repair shop and even myself ( i can solder etc etc). Thanks


You can check the status of the EC, if the EC get erased the Librem 14 will never turn ON, so with a chipset burner it could be revised.
Do you used a Power Delivery charger to charge the L14 any time? because seems that usb-c charger way is unreliable ATM. I never used a PD in my L14 so i not sure what going on.

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I just got my L14 back from my second RMA and it died again within an hour of moving back in. Something is very wrong here.

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Sorry, totally missed this. I don’t know if it’s helpful now, but I received a second replacement (idk if it was the same device or a new one) and it has been working ever since. Overall, I’m happy with the support experience since it was fairly quick and I never had to pay import fees or shipping for a second time. The issue is unfortunate and I know not everyone’s experience went as well as mine, but count my issue as resolved.

What i know is that L14 battery is limited to sink energy, so if peoples is connecting many devices, it normal that L14 will shutdown at some point. And also that Purism with very small money can not pay another firmware programmer to quick stabilize the EC Firm.
Also i see many peoples using the L14 like Desktop Computer which is not very appropriate ATM.

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Sorry - you mean to say I shouldn’t be able to use my L14 with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse? Because that’s literally all I had plugged in when it failed this time.

This is not an issue of over taxing a battery, this is an issue of the power circuit failing, preventing the system from running on external power, resulting in the system powering off as soon as the battery dies.

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Hi everyone I purchased a second librem 14 after issues with keyboard on first one just a few weeks ago and it has now having exact issues described here so pissed I was on the latest firmware etc