New Post: Librem 14 Update: Shipping Starts in February with Extended Battery

I understand your frustration. I really do.

I had ordered my L15 v4 on 23th of december 2020 to reward myself with a machine for the upcoming project. It was my christmas gift to myself.
I had chosen to pay by credit card as I had already done it in june with my first L15 v4. Success.
I got an acknowledge mail for my order.
I heard nothing, but well, it was holidays.
Around the 10th of january, I got nervous and finally asked support about it.

They told me my order was cancelled.

Yes, the annoying thing is the lack of communication.

Had I known, that these were the last devices of the L15 v4 to ever be sold, I would have ordered earlier or menaced support about the status. But not only did the shop pretend, there were still devices in stock, while there weren’t. But also I would have still gotten me one via ebay (which is gone by now).


i hope you got at least your money back? i will never ever tell any contact of mine to buy a Librem device, even if the devices are great, and i do belive that, their business attitude ist just the worst.

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You’ve made some great points and I hear you. I also appreciate your measured and constructive way you wrote your feedback. I had thought that we had communicated with individual Librem 14 owners over email when there have been significant shipping updates (like we have been doing with Librem 5) but it looks like we didn’t do that in the fall. I apologize as that’s definitely something we should have done.

For what it’s worth, we are sending out emails this week for Librem 14 customers with the information in the blog post we sent. And I’ll think about some ways we can incorporate some of your suggestions going forward.


Sorry Kyle, but there are no Librem 14 owners, there are no librem 14, so there cant be any owners right?
And i am one of your customers, that did not get any information. And you realy should update your Webshop, and inform potential Customers about what they are getting into. I just checked your shop and my invoice. There are no information what so ever, about potential delays, AND more important about the fact that you wont refund your customers… i find that unfair.

I guess you got me? I suppose I should have written customer like I did the second time.

As far as the shop goes, we do take the effort to keep shipping estimates on pre-order products on the shop, especially for pre-orders, up to date based on our best information. In the process of writing this blog post, knowing that the shipping was to be delayed, I personally updated the shop to make sure the shipping estimate was correct.

The refund policy for pre-orders/crowdfunding is on our returns policy page, but you make a good point that it should be featured more prominently on the shop as well.


Yes you realy should feature the information that you wont refund more prominent, and to be honest, that would have prevented me from buying one. Because i need a laptop for my Business not for toying around. And i knew that this was a pre order, and i expected delay, i expected a delay into February… But not longer. And you are leaving me hanging now… i deeply dissapointed :frowning:

So I suppose we should be expecting shipping notification emails, address confirmation, etc in the next 2 weeks? This is me not bugging you about it again Kyle :wink:

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It says now:

Expected to ship February 2021.

If someone pre-order now, their laptop will be shipped then? Or it refers to the first ever to be shipped Librem 14?


That’s my understanding. But we also need to reconcile orders that added a 2nd drive to see whether they want to proceed without it, or wait until the post-Chinese-New-Year shipment. Based on that and the # of outstanding orders, (and new orders that keep coming in), there’s a chance I might need to update it again to reflect shipping after CNY. Up until you hit shipping parity, since you are also always getting new incoming orders, estimates like this become moving targets.

Actually @eugenr thanks for bringing that up. I just looked into that based on your prompting and it turns out we did cross that threshold already, so I updated the shop to reflect both when pre-orders will start shipping, and when orders placed today should ship.


I don’t see how this comment adds to the discussion.


The money wasn’t even debited from my credit card, that was the other funny thing.
But I love my Librem so much, that I will stick to Purism. Also, I like and appreciate so much the idea, that they wage the risk of starting a hardware business to market privacy respecting devices, that I want to support the cause.
Money is not that critical with me, so I would also pay in advance if I only get the device.
:heartbeat: Still in love with Librem! :heartbeat:


It’s quite clear, now. No confusions.


I think I remember your case! Typically the shop has accurate inventory numbers and automatically goes into backorder mode when stock runs out. In the case of a discontinued product though we disable the ability to order after it hits 0.

At some point in December we sold out of Librem 15s and then we noticed later that the stock went back up to a handful. Since it was the holidays it took a number of days to reconcile whether there was an error in the shop, or whether there were actually still Librem 15s in stock (ie. did someone order then cancel before it shipped, bringing the stock above 0). In that mean time we decided to hold the orders that were placed during that period (so they could keep their place in line if it turned out there was stock) until we determined we were truly out of stock.


Thank you! :pray: I understand.

Inaccuracies will inevitably arise. There is no substitute for sending a person out to get some eyeballs on the stock. I can assure you that this problem is not unique to Purism.

The one thing you can control is whether the ordering system communicates automatically with the customer when there is a change of state of the order.

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hello everyone,

If I need a refund for an order that has not yet been shipped, who should I contact ? @Kyle_Rankin ?


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But you will get your Refund only when the shipping is ready, so probably in March or April… dont count with getting your money back any sooner…

If possible, please include information about the weight increase for the larger battery since that might effect the decision. Thx!