New Post: Librem 14 Update: Shipping Starts in February with Extended Battery

i’ve already asked privately about this and i haven’t got an answer so far … i imagine that the difference is only a few tens of grams but i could be wrong … if you carry more than one laptop then it starts to matter somewhat


Hi @Kyle_Rankin
I really interested on buying this wonderful Librem 14, I just want to know if L14 is come with the EC controller is L i b r e driver?

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For me when buying a laptop, design is one of top features. I am increadibly greatful for Purism bringing beatiful looking laptop to linux and privacy sector. Thank you a lot.

We all have to agree that previews design was ok, but far away from great. But this new one is beautiful.


I would totally agree. I want Purism to succeed so I hope they can fix these small issues, so I would be able to recommend Purism products to my normies friends.


Assuming it is a current LiIon battery (or LiPo) which has an (optimistic in case of LiPo) energy density of about 250wh per kg, adding 10wh plus some more material should result in about 40g + 10g more weight.
In my eyes rather negligible.

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Wondering when that first person here will post they got their address confirmation email for the L14’s shipping in February…



Given there was no specific date, or even time frame, I’m going to bet it’s not going to ship until mid-to-late February. That’s my expectation considering next week is February and there haven’t been any reports of confirmation emails.


Doesn’t keep me from checking this thread for the first report of the a shipping email way more than logically makes any sense :upside_down_face:


so it’s not just me :rofl:


It is most certainly not just you! :rofl:



Cough… it’s almost Feb




Did you get notification? Does shipping start?

i havent, no :frowning: but i expect the mail end of February…

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Yea, you’d think this would be a good time for one of Purism’s “effort to improve communications” statements/posts here as we are now in the month they said shipments would begin. Surely they can whittle down their guesses to which week now? At least they shouldn’t be more than 3 weeks off in their guess :rofl:

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Basically we are waiting to send shipping update emails to people until we know for sure when everything will arrive in California so we can then extrapolate out dates from there (factoring in how crazy international shipping has been lately). With parts coming from China, and Chinese New Year looming, we are being particularly cautious about committing to shipping these laptops until we know what we will have and when we will have it.

With things up to the wire, I think it’s safer to assume closer to the end of February for shipping.

[Edited to add]

You have to realize we still remember the pain from when we announced Birch was shipping prematurely to get the news out there, because we extrapolated out dates and we were finishing prepping the phones, and then during our final burn in we discovered a shutdown bug we had to address, which delayed shipping for two more weeks and triggered accusations we were lying, etc.

In this case the concern is less a hardware bug and more that we will announce Librem 14 shipping prematurely and then find out that shipping for some parts was delayed or something that reduces the total number we can ship during Chinese New Year. It’s just safer to wait a bit longer until we have more information.


I really hate that we have to get stuff from China… :frowning_face:


Actually, that reply was informative, fine, at least to me. Now I know why the delay, what’s expected and when, and it didn’t hurt at all!!! See how easy this is Kyle? :wink:

Now just shoot out a follow up weekly, like every Monday, as to how it’s going and all the campers will be happy! And yes, even is no change occurred! And if something negative happens to influence, better we know ASAP.

And also how each new L14 owner is getting a Purism hat :rofl:


That might satisfy people in this forum but not everyone else. I’ve had a few discussions with people in the community about why we don’t automatically email every update blog post to someone who’s on a pre-order, in the interest of not spamming, and instead allow them to opt-in to news via our newsletter or subscribing to our blog rss.

However I keep running into people who don’t follow our blog, don’t want to subscribe to our newsletter, but still are upset they aren’t getting regular updates. We’ve now decided to turn the dial one tick toward more frequent unsolicited emails from us for people who have pre-ordered, in the form of a monthly update email to Librem 5 backers who haven’t received a phone yet, that recaps any news from the past month. We’ll try that out and see how many backers (if any) are upset at the spam.

I considered doing something similar for Librem 14, but as we are expecting to hit shipping parity so soon, I didn’t know whether it would be worth the effort as we are so close to the finish line there.

Aww, I thought everyone getting a free battery upgrade would have made them happy :slight_smile: