New Post: Librem 5 Update: Shipping Estimates and CPU Supply Chain

It’s been a busy holiday and New Year’s season at Purism as we continue to ship out Librem 5s to backers each week. We know for those who haven’t received their Librem 5 yet, what they most want to know is when their Librem 5 will arrive. In summary, we will be providing shipping estimates within the next week to the backers within the original crowdfunding campaign (orders through October 2017), but not all backers yet, based on our confidence in the estimates . The rest of this post will explain what is going into our shipping estimates, and why we can’t yet provide shipping estimates to every backer.

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Thank you for the update - much appreciated!

Can you speak to the shipping of the Librem 5 USA edition?

In the prior communication, you said, “we expect all current Librem 5 USA orders to be fulfilled by the end of January 2021.”

Does this estimate still hold?

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I can’t speak to that yet, (or else we’d have added it to this post) but we’ll have a Librem 5 USA-specific update hopefully soon.


A summary (read the whole blog post for details):

  • within next week emails will be send with reliable shipping estimates for orders through Octomber 2017;
  • there is a shortage of CPUs and lead times for CPU orders has increased;
  • because the shortage can potentially affect future just-in-time productions, estimates for more orders will be made only when they are sure they got the CPUs for those productions;
  • FCC, CE, RYF certifications are under way - no estimates given.

cheers, I finally know that I will receive my mobile very soon :slight_smile:
I am very happy and thank the purism company for this.
Good job
P.S. I bought the phone on October 9, 2017


For the last order of Octomber 2017, what is its estimate for shipping?

We are still working on all the estimates.


You made a summary of the blog post just two posts ago which states that we will get the estimates next week, and are now asking what the estimate is? :smiley:


Not necessarily. If the customer in question is not a crowdfunder then he or she will not get any estimate next week and the question makes sense. Whether Purism would answer that question - once the estimates are mailed out - remains to be seen. However yet another topic soliciting community posting of the information received would eventually get a fairly reliable answer.

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Yeah I just meant that asking that question now doesn’t really make sense. I wouldn’t expect any Purism employee to keep that question on hold to answer it next week so why not just waiting for next week? Just wanted to open the perspective that some questions could be really annoying over time for the employees and I’m sure the usual suspect topics will be full of the estimates. :slight_smile:

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Sitting at about 3200 here. Christmas for me i guess.

Since it may affect usability in a major way - meaning, it’s availability is as determining as is the phone’s - I 'd like to know, is there any estimate on the availability of the other modem? At this point I’m interested in “winter/spring/summer/later/nothappening” level of accuracy, and perhaps to know alternatively when good info might be available. Just to estimate, if it would be sensible to wait for them if they can be attached to the same delivery or if this is becoming more of a future feature (as there is other stuff to do too).


To make that summary I had to read the blog post. From it I assumed the estimates are ready and it just a matter of sending the emails:

So hopefully by the end of this week, or possibly the beginning of next week, we will be contacting a large group of backers who we feel we can provide a reliable shipping estimate.

Also, since they have the CPUs contracted, and can make reliable estimates and even published the blog post now, I assumed they know the scheduled for the just-in-time productions for the orders through Octomber 2017, so they can say when all these orders would be shipped.

Basically, I’m only interested how long this phase they estimate it would take, when would the last order would be shipped. I don’t need precision here. Specifying only the month, would be ok. @Kyle_Rankin

I will not be purchasing another product from purism. This whole process has been needlessly obfuscated, convoluted and nonsensical.

  1. Purism knows they have thousands of orders to fill, but is piece mealing their irders.
  2. Refining it isnt an excuse, evergreen is supposed to be the final iteration. The mass produced design.
  3. "Oh you’re in evergreen, you’re just not in THAT evergreen orders.

Like holy hell if we were this dodgy at work, we’d be terminated. At this point I’d rather have my money back, I could us a chain saw amd some tools and pine64 and fxtec seem to be able to deliver on thier phones, which they’re building from the ground up, just fine.

This is so stupid.


I ordered in July 2018. Ok so I didn’t wait as long as the 2017ers yet but at least they are being promised something now and have some hope of delivery. Honestly this feels like I’ve been catfished. At some point im going to find out purism is actually a 56 y/o overweight neckbeard who’s been selling me all these sweet lies and even though I know In my heart it’s utter bullshit, I desperately want the phone so much Im convincing myself of the truth.


Can purism even survive covid19. USA is going up in flames, I think we all lost our bucks.


Hammer meet nail

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Is obtaining FCC/CE certification a pre-condition for shipping all of those thousands of phones? If not, then how is that… legal? @Kyle_Rankin

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Over dramatic much?


The build up of two and a half years of pent up drama, yes.