New Post: Manufacturing the Librem 5 USA Phone in the United States of America

Thanks but I was referring to the L5 USA, my bad.

I think the same process generally applies, probably. They have to install the OS and make sure it boots, etc. (I think that’s the case, anyway.)

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Makes sense, just haven’t seen anything detailed about this aspect from Purism, but may have missed it somewhere…

I was simply thinking that they were shipping preorders now and the 6-8 week timeframe was referring to new orders, i. e. when they reach the mythological “shipping parity.”

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The exact text on the shop page is:

Now Shipping! Place your order now, get in approximately 6 to 8 weeks!

It means we are shipping through the backordered Librem 5 USAs now. If you place your order now, we estimate it will ship in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

We define “shipping parity” to be the point where we have shipped through backorders of a product such that a new order will be fulfilled within our normal 10 business day window.


I doubt that countries publish this information. It wouldn’t surprise me if China’s is bigger. Do you have a citation?

I get that. You may even be right. Let’s just assume that all such agencies are essentially operating lawlessly (at best, with the approval of the senior levels of government in their home country e.g. in the US with an Executive Order).

Not exactly. It implies that the domain is registered in San Marino (for the purposes of a domain hack) but my browser says that the forum hosting is in Germany. (Sometimes the underlying data is out of date however and that could be wrong.)

Great, so when do you think I’ll see mine? My Apple iPhone is dying and I’ve been waiting for the bugs to be worked out, but I’m guessing that’s what the developers meant when they wrote a couple of years ago that this phone was never intended to replace iPhones and Androids. Reading the reviews from new users, it seems that it’s still a science project, not a commodity.

Perhaps I should just trade-up to the latest Android Samsung Galaxy and not really care when the Evergreen comes?

Go to ebay and buy a cheap deGoogled phone and that will get you through. If you require more privacy/security then read these forums and somebody will help you navigate

Let’s try to keep this thread on topic. Questions about order status should go to

This forum is my psychological therapist

It sounds like you are discounting all of the software development work we’ve done (and upstreamed, such that it’s now showing up in other “Linux phone” projects) all throughout the Librem 5 project, which is what a large percentage of the funds invested in the Librem 5 (and in Purism in general) goes to. No one is going to fund that kind of work directly (at least not enough to actually give developers a livelihood) so our model is to sell hardware (which people are willing to pay for) to fund FOSS development (which people are generally not willing to pay for).


Thanks all - I’m sure everything will work out well! :grin:

I’ve been following most topics on the forum since these phones started shipping. I’m glad that those who find solutions to problems have posted them, but the more I read about the issues people are experiencing, the more I understand that this phone doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time. The aspect of higher security is great and that was the draw that caused me to part with my money. Hopefully when mine arrives it will work like it is desired to.

It depends on a lot of things.

  • What functionality does the customer need?
  • What level of expertise does the customer have?

If the customer is high needs and low expertise (the worst kind of customer :slight_smile:) then you are probably right.

There is certainly functionality that I am keenly awaiting but my expectations are also realistic.

I guess you can also wonder whether the glass is half full or half empty i.e. look at what does work or only what does not yet work.


There is 12 month financing that you likely will be approved for. That makes things much easier but, understandably, might still be too much for many.
That’s an extra $167/mo. bill.

Somebody told me that if they just send you the phone with an unlocked bootloader you can put an OS on it that actually works. Is that correct?

The bootloader on Librem 5 is always unlocked. You can replace the OS with any other of your choice whenever you wish.

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In fact, PureOS works fine out of the box for all basic needs already (browsing, calls, texts, maps; camera requires installing a testing app). There are Mobian available for Librem 5 and postmarketOS. I doubt they work better out of the box, because their developers probably follow the developent of Purism and add new features afterwards.


Jjust seen this

They should do - in the sense that if you cut power to a component then it no longer works i.e. is safely deactivated regardless of the OS.

However that doesn’t necessarily mean that the kill switch would be fully functional with any random OS because most people will want the component to come back correctly when you switch it on again, and not hang or fail because the OS messed it up, most people will want any process that is using the component at the time the component went away to fail gracefully and not hang because the OS messed it up, etc. etc. etc.

This is a very complex question for any OS. It needs to have drivers for all the right components, not make any assumptions about the environment in which it is running, …

Purism warrants that they don’t stop you from putting any software you like on the Librem 5 (unlike many manufacturers that want to lock you in). That doesn’t mean that they warrant anything about how well any software works.


Thanks for the info