New Post: Opportunistic Word Completion

Check out this alternative on screen keyboard for Phosh

  • Opportunistic Word Completion
  • Character popovers on long press to reduce the amount of layer and language switching necessary.
  • A emoji widget (pretty much based on what GTK does):
  • Cursor movement via long press on space

This Guido Gunther guy is where it is at.


makes me sleepy.

How do I heart this post a second or even third time… new favorite blog post from purism.


I would not use this myself, but I am glad it exists as an option for others to consider.


Wow, this looks really cool!

I have some questions:

  1. Is this keyboard compatible with Squeekboard-Layouts and other themes for Squeekboard? Custom YAML and GTK styles?

  2. How can I make my own keyboard? Where do I start?

Out of all the different keyboards that I’ve used on android and iOS, I think that the MessagEase keyboard was the best, and I would like to make my own version of it for the Librem 5.

Currently, I only know how to write basic bash scripts and css code; regarding more complex projects, I don’t know where to begin.

Seeing this new keyboard by @guido.gunther that has swipe support to move the cursor gives me hope that it should be possible to make what I want with the current software available. But as I said, I don’t know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

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I read that, but it looks like it’s written for people that already understand how to build software. I’m not there yet. I need an abolute beginners starting point for what to read and study, as well as what software is needed to start creating something like this.


Okay, here is the resource I fetched:

Welcome to squeekboard’s documentation! — squeekboard documentation


Thank you for the link. I will need to clone the Squeekboard repo in order to read anything provided there, but that should be a good starting point for me to read. Hopefully it is beginner-friendly.


The source code for phosh-osk-stub doesn’t seem to be free. When tryng to load the repo in a web browser or when trying to clone the repo, I am blocked behind an account signin requirement. And the signup page has a google captcha requirement, so that’s out of the question.

Will the source code eventually be freely available? I would like to study it.



Use this instead:


Thank you again. You are really good with providing relevant links. Much appreciated.

It’s weird that GNOME would restrict code like this. I thought they cared about Free Software.

And thank you @guido.gunther for your work!


I can’t wait to try this. Even if I switch back to Squeekboard (I am not always crazy about text that I type automatically changing on me), having a new toy to play with on my L5 is one hell of an Xmas present!

Thank you Guido and team, this is super cool.

Question: What is the difference between manual and auto mode for Squeekboard?

  • 0 /usr/share/applications/sm.puri.Squeekboard.desktop 50 auto mode
    1 /usr/share/applications/sm.puri.Squeekboard.desktop 50 manual mode
    2 /usr/share/phosh-osk-stub/sm.puri.Phosh.OskStub.desktop 30 manual mode

It’s GPLv3 and at Guido Günther / phosh-osk-stub · GitLab


Does anyone know what information is leaked in each direction when someone signs into gnome gitlab via github?

No, you can find out if you want to.

Man, even without the auto completion I can type on this keyboard WAY faster and more acurate!


And maybe my millenial is showing, but I do appreciate having a much more complete emoji set :sweat_smile:


Joy was short lived… as warned with the beta status, I started having some strange issues and I had to switch back. Oh well :slight_smile: