New Post: Shipping new SparkLAN Wifi cards with Librem 5

Thanks, but I was thinking of doing that if I don’t find a solution here

on this page there is firmware. i have installed in /lib/firmware and wifi work but not work bluetooth.
there is also separated firmware (BCM4362A2.hcd)for bluetooth but…don’t work.
Luckily I don’t use bluetooth but I would like everything to work with the jail

You shouldn’t have created it yourself. Lack of it means that you need to flash the firmware jail.

That’s not the firmware you should be using.

Thanks (10 10 10)

I plan on replacing Redpine with SparkLAN card this weekend. I got a set of tools for servicing mobile phones, including multiple plastic pry tools, so I should be set.

Does anyone who replaced the card has any advice, what to pay attention to, or maybe what is the easiest way to disconnect the antenna? I’m used to repairing my own devices, but I’m kind of nervous since connectors are tiny and sensitive.

Some random thoughts:

  • There is a brass pin in the middle of the edge under the card that may want to “jump” and go missing, so be mindful of that (and it’s sibling that is under the modem card, if you remove the whole plastic frame)
  • When removing or connecting the antenna connectors, always make sure the movement is up-down (not in an angle. That way, if the connectors line up, they will connect and if you miss, the force you apply is doing least damage, compared to any twisting or bending. And the wire connector is more likely to break, which is good, because it’s less expensive of the two - you do not want to break or remove the connector from the board. The cable can be sacrificed.
  • The connectors on the new card are in different places so you need to route wire via a new path. There are a couple of methods and at least one that requires to bend the wire to a sharp angle, which I’d be careful with. Optionally you can remove some plastic to make a new pathway for the wire (but be mindful how the cover attaches).
  • @ChriChri has good pics on this and there is also the L5 disassembly video
  • As the cables connect in a new place, the cover does not offer any support to keep them pressed on the board anymore - you may want to add a piece of plastic or thick tape on to the underside of the cover, so that it helps secure the connectors (so they don’t easily pop out of place). There’s a small bumb there you just need to extend a bit.
  • Avoid carpets and wool mittens

Thank you very much, this all is very good to know.

The procedure involves disconnecting the cell modem as well, when I did it I unknowingly broke off one of the cold soldered u.fl connectors on the board, so now I’m operating on one antenna. I too used a plastic cell tool I had and still managed to break it off. When I have to do this again I am getting these tools specifically designed to remove and attach these cables:

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll see if I can find those locally, because they will take long to arrive.
I wonder if I could 3D print the tool using PLA or ASA.

I think you can find the dimensions for the tool someplace I think I found it once.

I found these two on thingiverse:

The connectors on the modem and wifi card are U.FL, or am I mistaken?

Yes…it’s a connector developed by the company Hirose.

Thank you very much for the info. I’ll print these out of PLA tonight, and see how they turn out.

I really need a 3d printer…

If you have the money to spare and the space where to keep it, I’d really recommend it. I always say it’s the best device that I own.

Do you have an URL to buy it? Thanks

I ordered it from a guy which, I suspect, is smuggling them from Austria to here, so I don’t think that would be useful for anyone living outside Serbia.

I can tell you that it’s a Creality Ender 3D v2, and that I paid 270€ for it + about 100€ (I think) for the upgrades that I’ve done in the past six months, which I’ve ordered from AliExpress. Price may vary depending on where you live, and where you purchase it, this is the best price I found here.

If you’re from USA, your best bet is to buy it from the official Creality store. At least, that’s what I saw on reddit. For other parts of the world, I really can’t tell.

If anyone is interested to hear my experience with it, I can create a new topic later during the day, so we don’t stray too much here.

For me, fixing the short cable was quite simple and I didn’t use any special tools. I unscrewed the screws following the images of the guide and I used my fingernail to detach the 2 terminals. I routed the outer cable a different way and reassembled everything.
I used pliers to hold the wires and with a little pressure I reinserted them.
The important thing is to be very very calm and patient. I had never done such a job.


So basically YMMV. Thank you for the info.

I already printed the tools for removing/inserting the connectors, so I’ll use them.


Caution: some technology may be able to harvest your fingerprints or palm print from a photo. :wink: