New Post: Thank You Librem 5 Supporters!

We have shipped through the entire Librem 5 queue, and as a result the Librem 5 lead-time is now two-weeks for new orders.


When I first heard of the Librem 5 Project, I was hoping it doesn’t end up like the other Gnu/Linux phones attempts, so I had to put my money where my mouth is and help this project !
Patiently waiting the 3.5 years of development and production, the wait was completely worth it

Purism you started a life changing project in the good way, I’m happy and proud to have supported it !
Thank you ! For going the hard challenging way in doing the right things !
Thank you ! For the difficult choices you had to make !
Thank you ! For the sweat you are putting on this project !
Thank you ! For not giving up in front of the constant haters and smear campaigns !
Thank you ! For the better technological future you are creating !


Thank you Purism, you a Hero.


Been daily driving my L5 since I received it about 4-5 months ago.

I think one of the best things I can say about it is how is to comment on the unremarkable part - I can forget it’s a GNU/Linux phone and just rely on it to be phone when I need it.

(That’s not to discount the remarkable part where I am am running Linux in my pocket all day long, in 2023 no less)


(very similar follow-up blog post)

New Post: All Librem 5 Smartphones Have Shipped!

All Librem 5 Smartphones Have Shipped!
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA- Purism is excited to announce that all Librem 5 smartphones have been shipped, reaching shipping parity for all confirmed orders. Congratulations to all those who invested in the development of the secure device.


Might I suggest that the purism store update expected delivery times on product order pages?

The Liberty Phone still says available again in August.

Congrats on the achievement!


I thank Purism for keep going on, despite many negative comments on the web. You (Purism) proved them wrong :yum:


I love the librem 5 its a great device, still has a couple of issues but i’m sure those will be fixed in the future

i really want this to succeed and that the linux phone space becomes large enough to stand next to google/apple. Because we need that privacy/security alternative to those companies


Proved them wrong in what? That you can get away with violating your own policies and FTC rules? Yes, they seemed to be able to pull that off, but I don’t see why this should be celebrated.

I’m not even going into that. This is a ‘thank you’ thread.
Everybody is entiteld to have an opinion


I didn’t get an L5, because I just threw in 100 bucks in the original campaign to help make this happen. I’m glad it worked out!

(I didn’t get the promised t-shirt for that, but I’d regard that as a waste of money anyway and rather have you, Purism, continue your awesome work.)

Let’s not forget the great side-effects the creation of the L5 had. One of the best is that you now have a GNOME desktop that is optimized for touchscreens. (I love it on my convertible 2-in-1 notebooks!)

Thank you, Purism! Thank you, Todd!


I just put in an order the other day and now today I looked it says “Shipped” Whaaaaat , Thank you Purism for the quickness. Lol



Maybe it would be fun to put your details in this thread:


Agree. A trustworthy <10 days shipping report and then the shipping thread can be closed :heavy_check_mark: