New Post: Where Is My Librem 5?

That about sums it up. Patience and hope.

Is there any progress on this? The news post was 20 days ago and I’ve not heard of anyone in the E3 batch who have gotten theirs.

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Sadly no progress for me

I ordered in September 2018 and my orders is already at customs in KLIA. I will report the details at estimate your L5 shipping asa I receive my L5.


Good to hear you are getting yours :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly for the rest of us it doesn’t sound like the rate of progress has increased at all. Still seems to be about 4 years behind

Some new arrivals here: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping


That’s a little bit encouraging as that shows a bit of an increase on the rate of shipping potentially.

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And there are probably many more that we won’t know about, as not everybody posts here or anywhere online.


Perhaps. Just a bit surprised we haven’t heard much. I am supposed to be in the E3 batch group that I assumed was ready to ship based on the post but I still haven’t heard anything yet.

I think the E batch groups from the production facility are split into smaller shipment groups that are run through some Purism in-house checkout and then readied for shipping per Kyle’s post here: New Post: Where Is My Librem 5?

There seems to be some intentional delays to ensure better support.

If you see reports of people getting emails past your order date, then check your email spam folders and contact Purism support, if you can’t find an email.


Yes, it’s not so much of an intentional delay as it is just the practicalities on the ground of processing such a large number of pre-orders. This isn’t just a case of drop-shipping boxes direct to customers from China like I imagine some folks have seen with other companies. These phones are in our US facility where they undergo flashing, testing, customization etc before shipping.

Because of the delay in fulfilling the orders, we need to contact each customer individually to confirm their shipping address, and go through the process of updating that if they did change addresses, as well as roll in any accessories or other add-ons they want to make for their order. Contacting everyone in the full batch at once would just deluge our support with emails for orders we wouldn’t be ready to process yet anyway.

So like you describe, we split this up into manageable chunks so both our support and fulfillment teams can maintain a steady pace, a pace that we are trying to find ways to increase while not impacting all of the other support tickets and orders the teams process outside of this on a weekly basis. This is a marathon and we have to be thoughtful about burnout.


“It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

(But please don’t do either.)


Can we expect the “Estimated Shipping Date:” to be updated soon? It still says to be determined based on cpu availability, while the blog post with the same name as this thread seems to indicate that all cpu’s have now been procured.
What does it mean to be in the e4 or e5 batch? Why are they separated into batches at all if it’s unclear when the rest of the undisclosed missing parts will arrive?

If you mean the estimated shipping date in your order on the shop, we will update folks in there, starting with E3, as we feel confident in the shipping estimates.

I apologize if I didn’t make that clear in the post. They are split up so that we can produce some of the remaining phones when we do have enough parts, instead of waiting until we have all of the parts to produce the full set of phones we have planned (which would also give us plenty in stock after all backorders are satisfied). These sorts of things tend to have a minimum number requirement before you fire up the manufacturing process.

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Where are you getting this batch information? How do you know what batch you are in?

Check out the table at the bottom of the article at the top of the thread.


I see that now thanks.

Ah, thank you for your response.
In practice though for me that means nothing will change? The CPU’s have arrived, but it appears I am now back to indefinite waiting regardless.
I know I’m part of a new batch, but has no further shipping or production data associated with it, nor is it clear how many devices are in it.
That’s sad to hear, for two years I’ve hoped that finally those CPU’s would be available again, followed nxp lead times, kept an eye on the automotive electronics market, listened for people getting their phones, untill finally I found the blog post mentioning that the CPU’s where back in stock. Immediately after however I get the news that now another part is missing, and literally nothing changes. Given the fact that there is no way to refund I’m sure this frustration is understandable.

The CPUs were among the hardest-to-acquire parts. It’s true we haven’t published an ETA on the next production runs because we don’t want to provide estimates we aren’t confident of. Everyone who ordered a phone will get a phone, we have been working this entire time to ensure this. It is as much (or arguably more) in our interest to get everyone their phone, than even in the individual’s interest, and I assure you we are as frustrated, and probably more frustrated, each time we solve a problem only to have another rear its head. Chip supply chain continues to be a huge challenge, but it’s one we continue to tackle head on.


Understandable, I’m sure your work is already difficult enough without people complaining about it, I’m sure you are all trying hard. Thanks again for your answer.