New Setup for 3 Computers Hardware

I have recently purchased a Librem 14 as my personal computer. I have two other computers I regularly use for work. I have a good sized work space, but still would like the absolute minimal amount of devices to maximize the work space.

The idea I had was to have monitor/laptop arms hold the hardware and use a KVM switch to toggle between devices. I would use my headseat, mouse and keyboard through the KVM switch as needed.

My main issue now is that I would like one dock or one power source (the KVM switch can definitely take care of all the data needs.

The two other machines run Windows.

I have not been able to find a dock that can do this. One of the docks which were given to me was a Thinkpad dock.

I run 3 wired ethernet connections, 1 external monitor, but I’d like the option for more if necessary. Two of the notebooks can be charged via USB-C, one can’t. Since I also travel a lot, the system should be easily dis-connectable (which is the reasoning for going with the dock solution in the first place.

Any thoughts? Or, if there are any other ideas that would satisfy the needs, I would be open to them.

How about using Qubes OS with Windows?

I am unable to as the two other notebooks are client issued machines and must be separate devices.

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Please take a look at this picture bottom right setup: I just cannot find any KVM product that charge over USB Type C more than one device.

And as I’m really not familiar with but might be very difficult to find something with PD3.0 charging capability in 4-Port KVM setup. But anyway here some “think about” link, as it might happen that this one work with Librem 14 and another one with Type C port, at least as partial (two laptops) solution: − 2-Ports (2×USB Type C). Especially and if your other laptop have two PD ports, you would charge Librem 14 through its DC port.

If your monitor input is HDMI only: − 2-Ports (1-Port is USB Type C), not easy wish of yours indeed (as of today), but I don’t know much about current KVM switches anyway.

Please note: Those links are perhaps nothing for real, but at least to give you another “search and buy” idea.

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