News for Dogwood?

For Dogwood Notice? PCB ? Start shipping?


Should be shipping since Jan 7th.
“There are no expected delays in delivery.”

No, it should be shipped before April.
It would have been stupid to send them in early January since the previous batch was sent in late December.
It takes time to integrate user feedback. This is the last prototype batch before serial production.
It wouldn’t surprise me if they were sent at the end of March.


Slight correction (Source):

Shipping window: January 7th – March 31st

Basically Dogwood is shipping sometime in Q1 and Evergreen starts shipping in Q2. I say starts because it will take time to ship out all the Librem 5’s that everyone crowdfunded, pre/back ordered.

If you ordered yesterday, as an example, we are approximating you’ll receive your Librem 5 in about 6 months. That is also stated on the Librem 5 Shop Page, where you can all go to order the phone if you haven’t already :wink:


Thanks. Wish you all the best luck that the problems are resolved till then, and that we are receiving our usable librem5s eventually this year.

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Thanks, I’m interested because I’m in Dogwood.
I also wish there was a press release from the company in the news about PCB etc.
Best regards
P.S. Even if it was shipped on March 31, I don’t care :slight_smile: the important thing that arrives :slight_smile: I requested it in October 2017 and two months is nothing.

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does dogwood get a heatpipe? i remember weaver saying something about that.

The CPU will be on the other side of the PCB for better dissipation in Dogwood batch.


That is very exciting. I would love to see a thermal camera comparison again like @hackersgame’s last video to compare Dogwood vs previous batches.


in also post i have send a message about MX8M in Reform. This is link at heatsink for MX8M create by Reform

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I (to my stunned surprise) seem to be in Dogwood, at least according to the email I got; I’m debating actually holding off until Evergreen (figuring more issues can get sorted that way).

I’m also contemplating switching to the USA phone even though it costs a bundle more.


At this point if it was offered to me I would definitely hold out till evergreen, the us model; no way


I, however, look forward to the mail for dogwood :anguished:

To be clear, the e-mail that told me I was in Dogwood was the one they sent to everyone telling them what their expected batch was (obviously it could change)

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any updates on when dogwood releases?

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During Librem 5 BOF at Fosdem @nicole.faerber announced:

  1. Dogwood will start shipping at the end of March

  2. Evergreen will start shipping in July

  3. Evergreen pre-orders will all be shipped till the end of the year, after then, new orders will be shipped in two weeks

This announcement was nine days ago, with Coronavirus delaying Chinese industry I expect additional shipping delays.
So Fir batch should start next year.
In this BOF there were participating also some developers of Purism, their goal is to solve Librem 5 main issues like battery quick discharge and heat dissipation for Evergreen, I do not know if they will already succeed for Dogwood. In the room they passed a Librem 5 to participants, I touched it after 15 minutes and it was already hot, even Nicole is not yet using it as her main phone, she still uses her Cosmo Communicator as her daily drive.


Damn! That Cosmo coulda been a contenda! …if it had kill switches and disabled blobs.

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This is not a surprise since the previous batches were sent at the end of the window.

4 more months :confounded:
I think I will change my choice to batch Fir…

When they start shipping Fir will they stop shipping evergreen do you know ?

Because if so, in reality Fir is the Final batch, Evergreen is just a batch they’re confident enough in to roll out en mass.

I would like to be able to still purchase an Evergreen once Fir is released, hopefully at a more affordable price. :slight_smile:

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I like that idea, but there won’t be enough difference between them to justify it being a seperate entity. Marginally better power consumption and smaller CPU are good things, but that’s all that’s expected to change as of now I think. Cost to build the phone isn’t significantly (or at all) cheaper. They need more costumers before they can lower their prices because they have to make the investment back.