News for Dogwood?


With respect to Dogwood, our goal to start shipping hasn’t changed (Q1) but we also haven’t yet gotten firm information from suppliers on what specific delays we might see due to the Coronavirus. We know that the crisis has already delayed when people would return to work from Chinese New Year, and we are in regular communication with our supply chain but due to the unique nature of this crisis timed alongside Chinese New Year everyone is currently trying to calculate the impact as people return to work.

Since we haven’t gotten any firm timelines yet, I don’t want to speculate much about delays. Like always, we will continue to work and push to hit our deadlines. When we know something for sure, we’ll be sure to let everyone know via an official update.

Coronavirus Delay?

Thank you for the update, Kyle.
Also, please be safe with your decisions.
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I value the health and humane treatment of fellow human beings more than any phone; Please take the time to take care :slight_smile:


I do not know, they did not explain, I guess it depends also on if using the new CPU for Fir will need long debugging, so you could choose the old and optimized CPU or the new and not yet optimized one (do you remember the bugs concerning the move from an i.MX 6 to i.MX 8M platform?).


This x1000 an injury to one is an injury to all.


Additional information on shipping in regards of 2019-nCov