News for Dogwood?


yes … it’s a TEFLON lover for sure …


More about abovementioned 30x30 mm module, if allowed, I need to correct myself (being anyway out of the focused/needed course of action). I needed to think over and concluded I wrongly assumed this might be good thermal solution for any phone. Proof is here and here (showing heat sink over-size, as needed for such module):

We already KNOW (even though myself being sometimes confused with the forum’s flow) that:

with emphasis on “direct thermal dissipation through the aluminum chassis.” Thank you Purism and @Torrone!


I ask if the new rules in California State block manufacturing of Purism products:


It does not. We are implementing procedures to isolate staff, but does not impact shipping, receiving, manufacturing, nor order fulfillment.


Thanks for your reply and I also hope that soon there will be news on news and shipments.
I am in Dogwood and have been dreaming of this phone for almost 3 years now.
Congratulations, however, to the company for the work done.
best regards