No apps in puri store

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a librem5. I got the phone today and the first thing I did was update the software via the update mechanism in the settings-about-software updates. The software updated and ask that I reboot which I did. Once the software was updated, I went into the puri store to look at the available apps but there does not seem to be any apps. The is one app under developer (playhouse) and then all the other categories are boxes with three dots in them. There are a few apps on the main page but nothing in any of the categories (create, work, play, socialize, learn, and develop). Anyone else having this issue?

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Wait a minute or two for the list to populate.

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It took a few minutes and then they populated however, the number of apps is very limited. The developer section only has one app?? I thought I could run pycharm on this but there does not seem to be any developer tools other than “Playhouse”.

The PureOS Store only lists a few Flatpak repositories. If you want to see everything else, use sudo apt list.

You can install ANY ANY Ridiculous-Gnome-App to Librem5 through Flatpak.
I love Librem5 but i not motivated to use it, so i not really expert for.

Welcome to the crowd of Librem 5 owners, @jmtk! Thanks for your questions and remarks. I think these are very valuable to get insight in the first experience of new Librem 5 users.
I noticed that the PureOS (GNOME Software) app also hangs sometimes. I believe that the behavior will be way better in future versions.
You can use the apt command line tool to install all kind of extra applications.
And you can also install flatpaks from Flathub. Note that you first have to do some setup to be able to use Flathub.

See also: Tips & Tricks · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab


PyCharm isn’t even open-source. So you won’t find it in the PureOS repositories for a reason. You can use other repositories though. Flathub is a good start for easily installing most applications. I also recommend elagost in case you should need a reliable Signal client (because unfortunately Signal Desktop is only for x86 on Flathub).

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I think that, by default, the store only shows apps that have been officially made adaptable to the mobile screen.You can enable “Show Incompatible Applications” in the store Preferences to list more… some of which may actually have been built to adapt to screen size by the app developers, although not “officially” by Purism.

You can also search for any app in the PureOS repository (which includes not just mobile-adaptive apps) by using the magnifying glass/search function in the store. Some of those might work on the L5 with some slight adjustment to scale. It can be hit or miss, but I’ve found quite a few usable apps there. Some of them are demonstrated in this thread: List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

P.S. If flathub is installed, you will also see flatpaks when using the search function in the store.


Yep. Use Apt or Flathub. The Purism Store is not functioning well. Too slow. I turn it off.


You can disable mobile-only app options in the store…

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I think that’s not specific to the Purism Store. It’s GNOME Software which is rather slow in general from my experience. There are patches to improve that but only in newer versions of GNOME and there’s still headroom for improvement.


You can also use Waydroid for Android app support…


Wikipedia says that there is a community edition with an Apache license.


PyCharm Community Edition is near the bottom of the page.

I just like to add this List, its not perfect and often flathub stuff. But i like it and hope it will grow in future.

Most apps i use are just old command line Linux tools, through the apt Packager. Its worth to have a Docking station or a Mice/Keyboard adapter for USB-C.


Guess I was wrong. Since they charge monthly for their IDEs I thought JetBrains did only offer a free as in free beer option. But here’s some code of it, I assume. You are right.

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Thank you for mentioning!
If you have ideas for how to improve it (there’s no easy way to list packages included in PureOS, since the PureOS repos are not monitored by, please tell - via PM, email or on Matrix :slight_smile:


Thanks for hosting and maintaining your website. I also love your linux mobile weekly updates.


App icons. Also, there should only be either:

  • One list.
  • Multiple categories, just like the PureOS Store.

I would personally do the latter if I wanted to create the most comprehensive app directory for Linux phones, but you will need to start removing tags.

I did not want to hijack this thread, but … here we go :wink:

App Icons are not easy to implement as a feature in the current setup, some reasons are in Add and show app icons (#47) · Issues · LinuxPhoneApps / · GitLab (figuring out icon URLs (easy for apps that ship proper appstream metadata (e.g., everything on Flathub), for the rest it’s a totally manual process), cache these locally and reference them in listings).

What do you mean with “one list”?

Regarding categories: I have “let’s make look better” on my todo list, along with integrating find apps by category, service etc. to the landing page.

but you will need to start removing tags

I have no idea what you refer to with this, please elaborate :slight_smile: