No keyboard symbol in the librem5 bottom-right corner with mobian/trixie

After installing mobian/trixie on my dev-librem5,
(which I use to develop a Gtk4.0/Adw1 app)
the keyboard symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen,
(that is used to enable and close the keyboard manually,)
is missing.

Which .deb or config is needed to enable it ?

Additional Info:
On my dev-librem5 squeekboard 1.22.0-5 is installed.
On my normal librem5 (where the keyboard symbol is working) squeekboard 1.22.0-1pureos2~byz1 is installed.

Should I try to rebuild 1.22.0-1pureos2~byz1 manually on my dev-librem5 ?

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That is because you have a later version of Phosh. You can tap and hold the home bar to toggle the OSK, and you can change the timer duration using phosh-mobile-settings.

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