No replacement parts for broken hardware?


I broke the headphone jack on my Librem 15. (walking away with headphones on)
The plug separated from the board. looking at the inside of the laptop it appears that the sd card slot usb ports and headphone jack are on a separate board than the motherboard.
I know that something I broke because of my actions shouldn’t be covered under warranty, but i would like to buy that part again. Currently because the headphone jack separated the internal speakers wont work either. So there is no way to get sound from my laptop.
After sending an email to support a few months ago I think I was told there were no replacement part available.
I just want to confirm this is true. It seems silly that on such an expensive machine the only way to fix it is to buy a new one.


Sean, I’ve explained in the mail that we haven’t had the part at that time. We could now have the required part, but I’ll forward you to ops@, I cannot check this on my own.

walking away with headphones on

Now I began to understand Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack… :slight_smile:

Is it time for Purism to ditch the headphone jack as well ? :slight_smile: bluetooth headphone, anyone ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

cheers, HS

bluetooth headphone, anyone?

We first need to free the bluetooth driver.


btw my previous post was a joke, ridiculing Apple products :slight_smile: I’ve had quite some personal experiences with their products and have had enough.

cheers, HS


I have this problem as well. I broke the headphone jack, and now the speakers are broken too because of that.

Is there any way to:

A) Buy a new headphone jack,

or at least:

B) Fix the internal speakers through software, which should work regardless of the headphone jack?

I can provide any debugging info if needed – please let me know what would help.


Habs, have you contacted us on support at yet?