No replacement parts for broken hardware?

I was saying every other Linux laptop (most of them) with the exception of Purism laptops uses Clevo models.

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Wow, this is an old thread. If anyone else needs parts that Purism doesn’t stock, you can almost always get what you need at Digi-Key or Mouser. They won’t have something like a replacement case, but they should have headphone jacks, speakers, switches, and probably replacements for a lot of the other components used in the Librem laptops and phone.

Is there documenation available for their laptops? If I could have an exact part number, then I could possibly locate the part.

This is the closest thing to documentation I’m aware of:

You won’t be able to find schematics because Purism is contractually bound not to publish them (the motherboards are Intel reference designs, IIRC). Usually you can either identify a part by a number printed on it or by filtering all available products by dimensions, # of pins, etc.

Thanks, but they didn’t have any documention for the librem 15.

Here is the board where the headphone jack was.

Was it between the USB port and the wide port, where the 3 holes are?

Do you remember if it was a through-hole or a surface mount component?

Having an nVidia GPU is not a requirement. So not “all”.


  • in the low end laptops, a GPU is absent and not orderable (i.e. Intel integrated graphics only), while in the high end laptops, a GPU is present and required with the order (and will be nVidia).

  • in the low end desktop, a GPU is an option (choice of Intel integrated graphics or AMD or nVidia), while in the high end desktops, a GPU is required (AMD or nVidia - and you can configure some truly humungus computers if your budget is unlimited :slight_smile: )

If someone is desperate for sound, you can buy a cheap USB device that gives you a headphone port (3.5mm analogue audio out). Sure it’s not as convenient having to carry around that extra bits and pieces with the laptop but …

It is annoying that damaging the built-in headphone port, takes out the internal speakers too. Maybe that is some design feedback for Purism.

Yes, it was between the SD card slot and usb port.

I don’t recall.

Looks like a pretty standard form factor.

There are only a couple of through-hole options and from the pictures they’re obviously not the right size. The 3-pad surface mount connectors look like they should match up to the three pads where the jack used to be in your first picture.

A more detailed picture:


So it looks like it’s a 6-conductor jack? Those seem to be much harder to find. I wonder if all of the pins are supposed to be used or if there are some extras that aren’t intended to be connected in the Librem design.

Do you have the old part for reference? If not, can anyone with a working jack post a picture of how theirs is attached?

No, I don’t have the old part.

This appears to be the closest fit:

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Fortunately librem was able to send me a replacement I/O board that they salvaged. I put it in and it worked great.

Same here, I have been sent a new replacement daughterboard. It may not have been timely, but the fact that they circled back when they had it available is a plus, and is much appreciated. It will be good to have a fully-functional 15v3 again.

I also accidentally broke the headphone jack on my Librem15rev3. I contacted purism support, and they still had the daughterboard in stock, so I ordered one. I installed it today, and now my Librem15rev3 is again fully functional. The fact that one can still order this part is much appreciated!