No WhatsApp, how bad is it?

Makes me glad I don’t use WhatsApp. Besides, the thing people forget is that while communication is supposedly end-to-end encrypted, there’s nothing stopping the app itself from sending the conversation and other info on your device to Facebook. The app has access to the decrypted data (in order to show it to you).

people used to call it mallware back in the day. nowadays it’s a security feature against terrorists they say …

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But this strategy against terrorists has a big flaw. By putting all our power in the government and none in the people, the government —which is a relatively small group of people— becomes a single point of failure for terrorists to try to infiltrate.

Here is something to think about, is the following sentence a definition of terrorists or a description of your government?
“They are trying to scare us into giving our power away to them.”


they already scared the living shit out of us with 9/11. now it’s just preaching to the choir. funny how insurance works ain’ it ?

As Dr.Lambda implies, it is hard to tell these days who the terrorists are.

Watch out for the pressure points. Like steamworks, make sure heat, water/steam flows, pipes, cogs, bolts, valves, casings, etc are stable. Pressure can change everything.

Nowadays, we have more domestic terrorists since 9/11. Foreign terrorists are just sitting back watching and eating popcorn.