Notes from the updates [running commentary on small things]

In this thread anyone and everyone is invited to briefly note what new they’ve noticed in the constant flow of updates to L5 (both PureOS, components, and also apps that may or may not be used by all). Stuff that is good to know but may not warrant a full thread of it’s own (if it does, make one - fork your conversations).

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The Mobile Setting app has a cool security feature available against video spying of pin/password: randomization of numpad. It takes a bit of getting use to - fighting muscle memory - but the added bonus is, that you will be less likely to drunk dial :wink:


I noticed firefox-esr updated. At the same time 104 (non-esr) came out and it has optimization for battery use and possibly swipe-motions. Something to look forward to…

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Recently the Calls app was updated in a way that helped a lot for me: earlier, the list of “recent” calls tried to show all calls ever made, meaning more than 1000 calls in my case which made the whole app slow, it struggled with displaying a scrollable list with that many items. Now, with the new version, the list of “recent” calls is truncated to a reasonable length and it only loads more if I scroll to the bottom of the list. It works very much better now. :slight_smile:


Just updated. The power button now has a new functionality: a bigger selection window for a touch screen (in stead of a drop down menu) with

  • Power off
  • Lock
  • Screen shot
  • Emergency (not currently selectable)
    (no re-start option)

If only there would also be a per person/number history of calls. Tap on the phone icon -> make a call, tap on the name or number: see the history for that entry.


I don’t think I like this, especially the lack of restart option.
And is an additional tap required now to power down, compared to the old way? (I’ve already forgotten how it was before! Lol.)

I tested Screenshot, and it only copies the image to clipboard, without saving it anywhere…which, I guess, is what most computer screenshot applications do. (I’m only pointing this out.)

I think the number of taps is the same. Previously you had to tap open the drop menu.
And as for lack of restart option… I think it’s an interesting choice to have screenshot instead of it. Does it have to be “hard coded” or could it be user selectable button [and could the emergency button have user defined auto-messages sent as well - possibly with location]? Similarly, I’d prefer to be able to change the behavior of the power button (to also lock the screen, not just shut it - possibly depending on profile).

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Don’t overanalyze it, the restart button will likely come back in future versions.


Just noticed (perhaps it was there already previously): Mobile Setting app - Feedback has “Sounds” section that includes selection option to more easily have your own sounds for events (calls, sms, instant messages). At least .ogg-format is supported.


Yeah, that landed yesterday or the day before, I think.

I began typing numerous quality-of-life improvements but realized I was essentially describing the AOSP Calls app on my LineageOS phone (current daily-driver until MMS is fully operable). :smile: It’s an intuitive app from which I think we could afford to borrow some design considerations, but it has (for me) a glaring issue where it doesn’t show who is calling it the phone is locked. Minor details. 🤦

Minor, maybe. But not unimportant for how the L5 fares.

Btw, is it just me, or is the Calls app a bit ‘off’ since the latest updates?
(Apart from the missing rings, that is.)

Gnome Calls update is due tomorrow.

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I’ve tried getting visual voicemail to work with no success, is this the only way to get MWI functionality?

It updated. Not a lot has changed, by the looks of it. Does it work better?
Still no ring…


Well, it’s nice that we can now change ringtones and alerts for messages via the Mobile Settings app (the Feedback option). Would be nice to be able to use mp3’s though.
Next big step would be to add personalized ringtones…

Be kind, use another thread to discuss that further. Just notes of changes in this thread.

The wake from suspend and connect to 4G speed has vastly improved and notify on receipt of SMS while suspended works well as of last update. Since last update the camera now has auto on for focus, white balance, and brightness, and that all works really well, toggling the HKS for camera however only brings the camera preview back, after taking another picture.