Notes from the updates [running commentary on small things]

Big relieve:today I heard the phone ring on the other side for the first time in weeks.


Apparantly, that was a one-off.

Latest update seems to drain non-suspend battery life more, my phone won’t survive the night on a full charge now. Which is not great considering i really liked that a phone without suspend could survive long enough to trigger my wakeup alarm.

before updates:
100% charge, 8-10 hours sleep -> has 10-20% left

after updates:
100% charge, 8-10 hours sleep -> phone is off when i get up and the battery at 10% after plugging in and charging, unlocking hdd, booting

Not addressing your actual issue but refer:

for how you should do it today (put phone on charge and don’t allow suspend when on charge), and

for how you should do it in the future (allow suspend whether on charge or not, and it’s up to you whether to put on charge, according to the need for charge).

There were no recent changes that could influence battery life like that. I’d rather check what changed on your phone or your usage patterns. Perhaps some application has been eating CPU in the background.

thats weird, because that has not changed either, just updated the phone. charge twice a day

no foreground apps running (i close them)
wifi killswitch is on like always, mobile data is off
just GSM and default os

Just noticed: the phone shuts down at 2%. If it was at 10%, then something different happened than battery going flat.

maybe i read it wrong. At least the phone was dead and would not start without being on power. in that state i can’t read the battery %
i’ll have another look tomorrow and see what happens.

yeah this morning it was off again, but it was 40+% so must have been something else

I noticed this morning that the power menu in the top panel has a restart option back in it.


I like this new dropdown design better than the recent redesign.


Volume button repeating woot!

  1. Mobile Settings has a new tab “Experimental features” that has a separate selector for Emergency Calls. Can’t find any info how this is supposed to work and how to know if it’s not (has a warning to make sure it’s working with user’s provider… of what exactly: carrier, national network, 911/112 services, ambulance services?). It’s not in the new (sw) powerbutton dropdown menu.

  2. This may be older but Chats preferences has under SMS and MMS settings the MMS settings (at least I had to add these manually) and blocked contacts. I seem to remember that the former used to be something to do via editing a config file and the latter is a step forward (maybe similar will appear to Calls too).

Probably means that emergency calls can be made by first logging in, then using the dialer, even when there is no SIM present.

I think emergency calling needs to be accessible from the lockscreen (and such is probably required by law, for safety reasons), so hopefully this option will find its way back onto the lockscreen in a future update.

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One interesting thing I noticed was that after the Phosh settings app got updated but before the phosh os updates, emergency calls “worked” from the power button long press but after the os updates that no longer works.

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… and on the iPhone can be triggered just by pressing and holding buttons on both sides of the phone simultaneously - the Apple Death Grip. Obviously that cannot be an option on the Librem 5.

You can/need to activate them in the Phosh Mobile Settings app, under ‘Experimental features’.

I did, but between the app updates and the OS updates it ‘worked’ but now it does not.
(" ’ " I did not actually go through with the call but it would take me to the dial screen when I pushed the red button.

It isn’t advertised but I am pretty sure it is a gnome setting to enable emergency calling and you have to use the terminal to enable it?

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phosh mobile settings, experimental, features?

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