Notes from the updates [running commentary on small things]

It seems work on and off, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t :man_shrugging:

That doesn’t do anything for me, I thought there might be a terminal command you have to run in addition.

Ah, okay. Sorry for banging on about that, then. :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems to work… Sometimes😉

Since Phosh 0.28, and various other Linux and Settings updates the phone now doesn’t rotate to landscape when you turn all devices off with HKS. It used to do that now it remains in portrait, or whatever orientation you had! That always was little inconvenient before.

I think that is normal old behavior. When all HWKS are off, all sensors are off, and that is why the rotation doesn’t know to turn and stays where it was last.

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I know it is so much better.

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I noticed a month or so ago that during updates I had to interact with screens in terminal. This is a bit difficult because certain keys are needed in terminal (can’t tap ok in there). Haven’t had these during latest updates. I wonder if this was something temporary or can it be made proper gui window? It’s likely not even clear for basic user whats being selected - particularly since the text gets cut like in the example image.

Also of minor note, the checks that run after apt update appeared sometime around May, I think. Are they PureOS/L5 special? It would be nice to know which values are expected and should there be “needs to be restarted” if it’s so (I can interpret mostly, but it could be made more user friendly). Maybe colorcoded?

[edit: not normal PureOS/L5 related]

I think that most users use the PureOS Store to perform updates.

I sometimes wonder why Purism implemented the Download -> Reboot -> Install ->Reboot update process instead of an apt-get update/upgrade. This has at least 4 consequences that I can think of: 1) It makes sure that all running code has been restarted. 2) It forces unattended updates so prompts like this do not show, making it user friendly (except for experts, maybe) and taking away options that can make support fun. 3) Most of the limited memory is free for the install & update process. 4) Maybe updating firmware is better in this type of environment. I think that I heard that updates should be done with killswitches off, but I am not sure that matters.

I suppose if you want a large screen for these updates, you could run apt-get over SSH on another computer.

Could you please try the following and feedback if it works ? :
sudo nano /etc/needrestart/needrestart.conf
then change the line :
#$nrconf{restart} = 'i';
into :
$nrconf{restart} = 'a';

then press Ctrl + x buttons to save and close the file.


Thanks for the hint, but I see no need to. This was more of a general observation of something small and new, not a problem as such (more like, the terminal isn’t as explicitly clear as it could be - while still being a better option (my preference) than the current “Store”).

This is just a standard Debian package needrestart. You must have installed it at some point, it’s not installed by default.

The dialog can be interacted with using the OSK just fine, by the way, although it’s not exactly the most convenient thing to use indeed. All the needed keys are available there.

Interesting, I hadn’t noticed I had (intentionally [seems to have been with docker]). Good to know. Will edit the previous post. It did seem like a development towards more informative update how ever, hence the though it was an intended development of PureOS.

Noticed for phosh/phoc there is no emergency contact and emergency contact cannot be saved. Probably known issue?

Also makes me wonder why there is a emergency contact UI separate from Gnome Contacts, wouldnt it have been easier to just add a checkmark that classifies a Gnome Contact as an emergency contact, or a dropdown alteration for phone number where user could select “Emergency” instead of “Home” …

Thanks I created the folder, and the emergency contact did not save still, however when adding your personal info in like name, then it saved. When selecting the emergency call button the emergency contact previously added is still not listed though. So will have to wait until Phosh/Phoc 0.29 to see if that fixes things.

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I don’t think that it is supposed to read the emergency contacts… Yet.

Thanks that explains the custom emergency contact not showing, additionally for me there are no emergency numbers shown, or imported from SIM, like 911 - nothing is shown.


FYI in case others search here.
Docked into the Hoyoki hub, and doing updates/upgrades I need to click the do it icon, restart, and though it states, ‘restarting’, it sits a long time (passing the decryption(?) is on because the background on the L5 is not pitch black. After 2 minutes, it shut down (power off). I pressANDhold the Power button, is when I get a blank screen with [OSK] which I click and the keyboard shows up. Enter numeric password, then Settings > Displays > and punch in the data and hit Apply and am back to where I left.

I envision a faster way when docked. For me, SSH is not one of them. I’m OK with the process as it is but sure that faster is on the back burner for now.

Requires frequent page refresh of Firefox and other apps.

There appears to be an issue with:
1.establishing mobile data connection,
2. re-establishing mobile data connection

Symptoms are really slow Pure OS flatpak app installs(socket I/O timeout erros - basically doesnt work), websites that do not load until you refresh ~3-5 times on average.

4G and OpenVPN appear connected, toggling HKS appears to establish connection to openVPN, while symptoms still happen. Electron apps appear to be less impacted somehow, once streaming is established there are basically no interruptions of video stream 720p 30fps.