Notifications for Apps


I would like to have a browser OR a chat client like Gajim or Dino (pick a communication app) send me notifications on a lock screen and/or home screen, when the app is closed.

My issue is that my cellular modem is bad at home. My wife gets mad at me because she cannot get ahold of me. If she could just text Dino (or some other app) and have it actually notify me, that would be a big deal at my house.

Can this be done? If so, how? If not, why not?

Thank you!

Not sure what you’re asking about - Dino already sends notifications on incoming messages.

If it does work you would have to add these lines to the desktop shortcut


However I don’t know if that would work.

Hi. That is more-or-less what I thought since it appears in the notifications button panel, seeking permission.

However, I do not have notifications from Dino. Is there a software block or something I can check?

Also, does Dino have to be “open” to send notifications or will it send them when the app is not open. I guess my issue is I do not want to leave the App open all the time. I would like message notifications even is the App is not open.

Does that make sense?

Could it be an issue with the way Dino process my XMPP number through

How would I check these setting in the desktop shortcut?

Look through:
/usr/share/applications to find the desktop shortcut.
If you need to edit it, copy it to ~/.local/share/applications and edit it there.

Desktop shortcut is irrelevant, you shouldn’t touch it.

A not running application can’t do anything at all. Dino stops running once you close its window.

There’s actually a way to make it keep running in the background though. You can create a file ~/.config/autostart/dino.desktop with following content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=dino-im --gapplication-service

It will then run at boot and stay working in the background. I’m not sure whether it’s a well-tested mode of operation by Dino devs though, so YMMV.


Would love this in Gnome Settings under power, good to know in the meantime.

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Awesome. Thank you very much. This has been bothering me for awhile.

You can do that from gnome-tweaks

I think I spoke too soon. I am getting no notifications from Dino - opened or with this new file to keep it running.

Is there any way to test why I am not getting notifications?

NEVER MIND. There was an error in the command you gave me on my end. Works great!

You can open a ticket in mainstream for: daemon support

How do I do that?

never mind it already there:

Thanks! I will follow and keep trying. I see that someone had it working on the Pinephone.

Now I need to figure out how make sounds when I get notifications from Dino. No notification sounds from Geary?

will be fancy for real notification app to Librem 14 featured led-notification-pwd. @francois-techene

Try adding this to the shortcut and look at this I am not sure you will find what you are looking for though. :man_shrugging:
Edit: After you add that line to the shortcut you can control the feedback through the phosh-mobile-settings

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Lying about whether an application uses feedback won’t magically make it use it. It needs to be implemented in Dino.

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I don’t see it. :thinking:

It wont do it in the background, it will do it in the foreground.
Edit: But you can edit the config file after gnome tweaks creates it.