Numbers shuffled on Passcode number block

After the last update of my Librem5 the numbers on the passcode field are shuffled.
Any idea? Waiting for the next update?
Reminds me to an advent calendar…

This, possibly?


You’re so right! :sweat_smile:

In many environments this is considered a security positive. Otherwise

  • surveillance while you unlock has an easier time of picking up your PIN
  • your screen will more readily reveal which (up to) 4 digits are in use in your PIN, particularly over time (as the surface becomes grottier and more marked)

It’s a sudoku every time :smiley: Or it may block you using the phone for drunk texts :wink: It’s brilliant!


Unfortunately it does not always work. The OSK security pin pad gets confused at times when shuffled and when clicking one number you get the highlight visual feedback that it is actually selecting another likely non shuffled lock pin number. So thats obviously a big problem. Only reboot resolves that.

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That sounds serious enough to warrant raising an issue for this, if there is not already one.