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I think we might be flying off the handle here. Sources?

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Follow a few Twitter accounts related to 3d printed weapons from a CA end chain ip, and find out for yourself.
(Use nation state level opsec for your on-boarding.)

Thought so, no sources. Please don’t flame bait in the future.

Alright dcz… I give you sources, I give you screen shots, do I get an apology, and a little humble pie from you… or will you find some other reason to live in denial?

Please do, although don’t expect an apology. That you posted bait is an undeniable fact, even if you correct it.

Okay dcz…put up or shut up.

You’re so confident in your position, how about we place a bet to make it worth my time for the opsec. I don’t have any confidence that you will escape your statism… but I may as well extract some wealth from you and teach others a lesson in the process.

I have 100 XMR that says you follow the “wrong” twitter account in the wrong country, Twitter themselves will threaten you with fines and imprisonment.

Do we have a bet?

As a mod, I don’t care at all whether what you say is true. I care about preventing the spread of nonsense and flame wars. And those are started very reliably when people bait with extraordinary but claims while backing them with nothing. Which is what you did, and why you got called out.

If you win/lose the bet, please post the results, but next time please do that before you assume the outcome.

The bet is with you… you are the one calling me a lair. I do not take that lightly. I’ll happily extract wealth from you as a consequence. I’m only “called out” if what I say is not true.

Now dcz, do we have a bet?

I’m not calling you a liar, sorry if that’s how you took it. I’m calling you a firestarter :slight_smile:

All I care about is that you back up what you say. You made the mess, you clean it up, don’t pull me into this.

In other words, you won’t put up…so shut up.

What I say is true… and anyone can prove it for themselves… but must take opsec steps to cover themselves from retribution. It is not fire starting anything if its true.

So, dcz…if you’re so confident, then put up. If not… then take back what you said.

Words have consequence. I don’t take lightly what you’ve accused me of (directly or implied).

As a mod, I won’t take a stance, and I stnd by my accusation that you post claims backed by nothing. As a mod, I tell you to put up and back up your claim or shut up.

You don’t seem to understand that, so if you keep playing this game, I’ll remove your original post and call it a day.

You have taken a stand. You have accused me of “fire starting”…when all I have done is stated what is true, and others need to know about before they get themselves in trouble. I don’t take that lightly dcz. And your “mod” status doesn’t give you license for bad behavior whether you edit my posts or not.

You’re going to accuse me, then back your accusations with some skin. I’ll happily teach your a badly needed lesson that will serve you in the future. You can thank me later.

Since this discussion is wholly ineffective, it shall not continue.

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