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DO NOT: insult, troll, flame, spam, necrobump/necropost, double-post or post illegal content, doxx

AVOID: personal topics or rants (like non productive, unfounded complaints), controversial topics (religion, sports, nationalism or politics), ineffective discussion (bikeshedding)

SEARCH: use forum search function, your question might already be answered; also check our FAQ


  • Personal information: we'll remove information identifying you if you contact a [moderator]( If we believe you posted your personal information by mistake, we may remove it and let you know.
  • Use real English: modest and proper language and grammar is highly appreciated; please refrain from using so-called "textspeak", "netspeak", "leetspeak" and all other forms of internet slang.
  • Use appropriate post titles: an accurate, informative and descriptive title will help to attract attention and when searching forums.
  • Use appropriate html tags: code tags for terminal commands, quote tags when quoting/pasting code or console snippets, bold/italic tags when need you to accentuate something, etc.
  • Don't use full screen pictures; use links to the images instead (optionally with thumbnails). Also don't post screenshots of text output, post the actual text.
  • Avoid Bikeshed topics: topics leading nowhere and empty discussions based solely on your opinions
  • Avoid empty posts, bumping, cross-posting and thread hijacking: start new if you have a question and link relevant posts/topics there.

Notes specific to the Librem forum

  • This forum is intended only for Librem devices and services, please refrain from discussing and asking questions about other devices/services.
  • Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, but please bear in mind that manufacturing hardware is not easy, therefore we cannot simply fulfill all your wishes and expectations.
  • Considering the above, questions like Why don't you add X or Y? might not get answered in a timely manner, particularly if the answer itself may be complex. Some of the more complex and interestic topics might also get answered through dedicated blog posts.

Notes specific to the PureOS forum

  • This forum is intended only for the PureOS operating system and its software, please refrain from requesting help (or debating) about other operating systems.
  • Please do not ask for help with proprietary drivers/software.
  • All free and open source software has some kind of this software is provided "as is" clause, and so does PureOS: we will do everything we can to help you solve a problem, however due to our limited resources and the many parts comprising the operating system, we cannot make guarantees.

Notes specific to the Infrastructure and services

  • This forum is intended only for Purism infrastructure and services, please refrain from requesting help (or debating) about other service providers, unless it matters, refers or relates to Purism in some way.

Notes related to used devices and commercial activity

  • Purism does allow third-party posts offering used devices for convenience to the community only.
  • Purism takes no responsibility of used device transactions by third-party sellers. Buy at your own risk.
  • Purism offers new and refurbished units with warranty from our store only.