One month w/o any new L5

It’s now exactly one month that no new L5 was announced as received here in the forum. The last delivery date was March 19 of an order placed on September 30, 2017, see here

Maybe Purism wants to give some explanation to the community about this, of course only if they are not to busy with the L14 at the moment.


A valid request, but (for info) I’m not sure that list is up-to-date. I’ve noticed a few users posting about their new L5 issues and impressions over the last few weeks and I don’t think they ever mentioned their shipped or received dates. I could be wrong, though.


I’ve been seeing fewer posts (here, Reddit, Fediverse) about “I received my L5 today!” and more about “I have a question about my L5” and then in the details they mention that they just received it. It still sounds like they are shipping out regularly to me.


Recent shipping notification on this page (April 16):

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Yes one shipping notification of April 16. I was talking about last received notification, which is March 19 (here in this forum). Maybe the one of April 16 shipped will arrive tomorrow in *.au on April 21, which is exactly the month I’m talking about.

Aren’t there some users on the forum lately that weren’t active in the months before?

I’m not sure what you’re expecting purism to tell you if you want to know about “last received” devices… Once Purism ships them it’s on the user to choose to share received information if they evwn want to. Some (many?) Will not. Based on the estimated numbers of devices ordered vs received (that I’ve seen) it looks to me that around 1%, maybe a bit less, have confirmed receipt here. I would expect that to actually drop over time as well.

I agree that it would be nice if Purism would have a progress meter or something to show that devices are still shipping, but at this point they’ve made it quite clear this isn’t something they’re interested in providing.


Correct, not all or not many will report it here if they received the device. But the one of the order date September 30, 2017 did so “shipped March 19, 2021”. What you would now expect if your order date is October 7, 2017 (like mine is)? Wouldn’t you expect a shipping 7 days later as March 19 if the progress is at least linear?

I suspect that the shipping has stopped for some reason. Purism (or the future) will tell us why.

Read better: I ordered October 7, 2017 , i.e. 7 days later as the last known shipped.

It’s worth noting that there was an enormous explosion in the number of phones ordered in October of 2017. So the rate of processing phones, as measured by the order date rather than shipment date, is not likely to be linear; in fact I expect it to take more time to fulfill the backlog of phones ordered in October.

I personally ordered mine in May 2018, so at least you have me beat. lol.


Received now:

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No. Between September 30, 2017 and October 7, 2017 there was a daily income of 100-150 orders, like in the days before.

Provide only links which show the order date also.

You can ask him. Lol!

Edit: To elaborate, all you have to do is match one ultra-recent delivery with its order date to determine approximately where Purism is in the queue. So if you ask the dude, you might find out we’re up to October-something 2017.


Says who?

No customer is obliged to make public that perse is a customer or that perse has received per phone.

No customer who does choose to make public that perse has received per phone is obliged to publish dates for order or receipt.

No customer is obliged to participate in this forum.


Uhh. At the final week of September 2017, there were typically 50-75 new orders per day, not 100-150…

Is there anything people can show you that will change your mind? It seems to me that you’re kinda hell-bent on sticking to your conclusion regardless of the evidence…


I think I waited about a month after receiving mine to mention it here. Also there’s no guarantee that it’s a constant trickle of shipped devices, they could be batching with pauses in between so just because there’s a pause doesn’t mean anything is wrong.


Here are the exact daily amount of orders based on the published orders at this time:

order date | devices | diff to day before
2017-09-23 |  945    |
2017-09-24 |  964    |  +19
2017-09-25 | 1025    |  +51
2017-09-26 | 1075    |  +50
2017-09-27 |    ?    |    ?
2017-09-28 | 1172    |    ?
2017-09-30 | 1266    |  +94
2017-10-02 | 1369    | +103
2017-10-04 | 1479    | +110
2017-10-05 | 1506    |  +27
2017-10-06 | 1630    | +124
2017-10-07 | 1745    | +115
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On another link, he says that he ordered September 29th, 2017, and that there was a delay in shipping it out while Purism was acquiring the modem for Australia.

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So it ack that the last known shipped order is Sep 29, 2017