Ordering a Librem 13 without storage?

Would it possible (and an equivalent experience) to order a Librem 13 without any hard drives and install PureOS from a hard drive purchased elsewhere? I’m thinking of doing this to save money but I wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the security features Purism might include out of box.


In principle you could, but Purism doesn’t offer an option for purchasing without storage.

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it’s probably a matter of how tech savy and how fast and efficiently you can perform all the neccessary operation required to get all that you need by taking everything from 0 (you said you will use your own hard-drives). if you spend a lot of time researching how to do certain things on your librem 13 device it’s probably a safe bet to say that you will NOT be saving money but on the contrary you will lose some(more or less depending on how much time you spend on this single task wich by the way is not so simple and straight forward as you might think).

for the majority of users it is recommended to NOT give into any money saving impulses but rather take advantage of the oportunity to boot the device and test it directly when you are at the CUSTOMS before you take it home. this way if you notice any problems you can refuse the package or RMA without losing any more time with coming-and-going ( maybe some users live a long way from the CUSTOMS office - myself included )

just my 2 cents !

Is this being considered?

i find it sad to buy something i will just throw in the garbage :frowning: …i mean I will keep it with the pile of <500gb SSD/HDDs that i tell myself i can still use for something and never do. …think of the earth

I have a 2TB ssd from the laptop the 13 will be replacing, and I will certainly not even boot it on pureOS as I will install arch or something else on it (can’t stand ubuntu or gnome)

About testing on receival as reC suggests, I will get this at my door and will have to sign before being handled the package, at which point the fedex person will be back in the truck before i can say thank you :smiley: I can only refuse packages if the box are obviously smashed.

edit: forgot to say, the online store allows me to unselect the SSD and it removes $100 from the price, but then it grays out the buy button

How about booting it up and
apt install kde-plasma-desktop
or whatever else desktop you like? It’s not Ubuntu and it doesn’t have to be Gnome :wink:


a 2 TB ssd is something of a rare sight in laptops and it’s certainly way more expensive than your average storage device. you might want to lead with that next time :wink:

Fair enough, but with half a dozen or so device, reducing the number of distros you have to care about is important. As in, it is at least one less security email list i would need to subscribe to

It was still cheaper then the Pro storage options on the libre store :frowning: