OSK with multiple language characters

What I’m still missing on the OSK (On Screen Keyboard) is what I’m used to use on my Ubuntu mobile (and also iPhone) that with a long press on some letters, for example the letter a comes up a row of the letter with various accents, among this the Spanish form á. Or with the letter ? also its Spanish form ¿. Only this would allow to type, in this case, a Spanish text correctly. Have I overlooked anything?

I have here a screen of my Ubuntu BQ E4.5 from the moment pressing the letter a:


There is no long press support yet in squeekboard, to get those characters you will need to use the relevant keyboard language and press in the special characters key, I did the Spanish layour while ago, don’t know if stills working, I’ll updated once I’ve got my L5 on the hands.

Thanks for your reply. I can use the “Spanish” keyboard and there are most of the letters, like á é í ó ú Á É Í Ó Ú and even the ¡, but what is missing are ñ Ñ ¿. Maybe you can have a look into this later when you have got your L5. Will the “longpress” feature there some day in the future?

ñ and Ñ should be next to the l L and ¿ should replace ? when you presss shift, I’m not developer so I don’t know when long press will be added but it wasn’t a priority last time I asked the main squeekboard developer.

In addition to the various available languages in the keyboard, there is also GNOME Characters (flatpak) which may fill the gaps for you:

There is no shift in this keyboard:

Thanks. I installed it but this is not a usable option to type a text of normal length.

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Right. Only for inserting characters you can’t get from the keyboard.

Who knows … maybe one day “compose” will be supported.

I added an additional Spanish language to the input methods and now the keyboard in the terminal does not have anymore this key labeled with áÁ (the 2nd key counted from the left). It is there when the keyboard works, for example, for the browser, but not for the terminal. :frowning:

How could I get this back again? Where the config is stored as a file?

Update: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/OS-issues/-/issues/229

There is shift in the keyboard, in the normal one, I never did the terminal one as I did it testing it with the emulator and it was a pain in the ass, I’lll try to get it done by the weekend as I got the phone with me now.

We really need a keyboard with long press feature to get á from long pressing the key a.

I know, that was the first thing I said about, but I have no programming skills to do it, by the time being, I did a new version of the keyboard but I couldn’t test it properly so I’m not sending a merge request yet,

You can try it anyways if you wish, they will override the default Spanish keyboard if you put them in your users directory, but you can always remove them if they don’t work properly.

Fell free to edit them and send the merge request in the gnome gitlab if you can.

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¡Muchícimas gracias!

I hacked also something similar together and I’m using it right now while typing this answer in the OSK of my L5. But, what we need is an OSK with popover on long-press like all other mobiles offer.

De nada, I just updated both terminal layouts as when I tested them they where really bad, now they are a lot better, if I got time I’ll try to merge them in the gnome project gitlab.