Otterbox Type Case for Librem 5

Anyone here know of a finished product ready for sale that can serve as an Otterbox type case for the Librem 5? I am ready to purchase one now.

If not, I know someone who runs a fabrication business. He keeps ten 3d printers running in his garage almost around the clock. When a demand for a specific product gets too high for him to keep up with demand using 3d printers, he transfers the product to injection molding and pays to have the product shipped to him in volume. If anyone has a ready design, I can speak to this person about turning your design in to a finished product. This is someone who I eat lunch with often at work. I can pull my Librem 5 out over lunch and ask if he might be interested in making cases for it. I doubt he would pay a royalty for the design. But we could get some cases made this way. If we go right to injection molding, we can probably get a case that doesn’t shatter when it gets dropped. I wouldn’t trust 3d printing other than to test how the case fits the phone and to see how it looks in real life before paying for a mold and commiting to a volume order.


I would be interested in purchasing a case, and based on some popular posts awhile ago others likely would be interested.

Here is a link with 3D printer plans:

Another link:


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