Passing on the pre-order (Evergreen batch)

I’m trying to pass on the order I made this January 4th , because I don’t want to request a refund right away. I could create an invoice on PayPal account with specific details what the buyer is getting. Once the payment is made ($650) I would update the shipping info for the order and email as well. I know that it requires courage and trust in the other end, but I still wanna try. :slight_smile:
The reason I’m doing it , is that I finally realized that even the mass production - all ironed out Librem 5 , can’t replace my daily driver and I as of now I can’t afford to have it in that fashion. So, I would rather have someone (less demanding) else enjoy this revolutionary phone , while saving a few bucks and cutting in line a little bit. :slight_smile:
So, if anyone is interested, DM me. If not or Purism doesn’t allow/ condone, this sort of thing in the forums, which is perfectly understandable.

Just FYI: some people switched to Fir, in case you could imagine it could be different by then. You’d still have the better price :slight_smile:

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I did request it after got Selected for evergreen by I responding to that follow up email and also going back to initial email where we were asked to choose. No response yet and I need the money. :slight_smile:

Edited typos or ghost words :slight_smile:

I sent an email asking to switch from evergreen to fir @ some weeks ago but i got no reply, do you think they just wrote my preference without replies or should i do something else? There is any place on my account to check the batch i’m assigned?

sigh i wish it would be that simple to switch from evergreen to chestnut

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Usually they don’t seem to respond but take note. Latest on the day they ask for modem selection etc. you can still follow up.

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@Tatatirci, I recommend that you request the refund rather trying to find someone to take your place. Anyone ordering today will also get the Evergreen batch, and the window for Evergreen is only 3 months. Given the way modern manufacturing works, a Chinese EOM making the Evergreen batch can crank out 10K of phones in a couple weeks, so it probably won’t make much difference if someone receives their phone in the middle of the batch or at the end of the batch. If there is a holdup, it will probably be on Purism’s side.


Requested it last night.
So,.this topic can be closed, now.

Just a note for folks we updated the Librem 5 shop page with this:

Pre-order. Place your order now, get it in approximately 6 months!

Just want to reiterate, the Evergreen batch is currently planned to START shipping Q2 2020. Doesn’t mean everyone who pre-ordered will get theirs on April 1st (insert April Fools Joke here)