Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?


BTW does anyone know if we’ll be able have a tempered glass screen protector?


Me! I’m going to do it at my local library :slight_smile: If you haven’t in years, check out the library in your city and see if they offer 3D printing too.


Maybe for a few dollars more (inclusive 6m Military Standard Drop tested) protection case from EFM team called Aspen Card with D3O® may work for you and me (instead of cheap plastic pollution), I hope so. Another option, rather just possibility, is Monaco Leather Wallet with D3O®.


I need a case and screen protector, otherwise my pretty Librem 5 will get its body scratched and screen cracked very quickly! What do you recommend?


You can make a DIY silicone case. I’ve not actually done it, but the tutorials about it are aimed at kids, and it doesn’t look too difficult.



For the Purism team:
I’m a busy normie. I need to be able to buy with one click on Amazon and pick it up the next day from my letterbox. Or, have the option to buy one as an add-on when purchasing the Librem 5. Please consider.


I recall that too. Hopefully they release the file before shipping so our community can get the protected cases made for us. This is the most I’ve spent on a phone and I don’t want to break it.


How about making a poll who would like to have a case and maybe also with an option what you need?
I would e.g. rather prefer a book case.

In case it’s up to us, I know it would be cool to just upload an open source case (we could even do that together) but we should consider buy it together to get it cheaper due to ordering more units.


I personally haven’t run a phone case in a while, the screen protectors used to be nice to protect from surface scratches but modern phones are made with such hard glass that you need absurdly hard things to scratch them (this is also unfortunately why they shatter more often than scratch, so hard they can’t flex). In my experience none of these things help enough to prevent screen shatter. I would rather manufacturers took a step back and realized most people don’t keep their razor blades with their phones and made phones that could handle a drop but might not be impervious to scratches… Just my, likely unpopular, opinion.

For those who want a case I suspect it will come from the maker community within the Purism community, at least initially.


Spoiler alert:
Nobody will make a case for a niche product like that.
Get a friend with a 3D printer to make you a case or just be very gentle.


IMO cases ruin phones design you go from something elegant to a chunky brick that is awkward to hold. they are going with an all metal design so it should be pretty solid. You could as others suggest 3d print your case if you would like.


I don’t know of a phone yet that can withstand being dropped on asphalt or concrete face down–without some sort of protective case.


Well a phone case might be chunky but I’m pretty sure that if I drop my phone (and I’m very careful, accidents happens) the all metal design won’t be of much help since it will go face first on the screen into the ground pretty much like a buttered toast, the phone case would balance the weight so it would fall more often on the edges and the back.


There are some elastic/stretchable phone cases on Amazon. They are ugly, but I’ll protect my Librem 5 with something.

I’ve dropped my iPhone more times than I would like to admit. Without the case on it, I’m sure the screen would be cracked horribly.


That is my issue. My current phone was about 2 months old when I dropped it at work in the back on concrete about 2 feet. It hit the edge of the hard case causing the gorilla glass to shatter. I didn’t have a protective case yet. Phones are so thin and only silicone holds the glass edge. A protective case for a $600+ phone is a must.


This is what we have been talking about on another thread too, Librem5 silicone cover. I have designed a cover that can be printed in TPU (pending knowledge of the final position of ports/buttons/rockers, etc), and we are trying to figure out the best way of making it happen for people who don’t have a friend with a 3D printer (or perhaps are willing to pay for something a little more durable. Purism will almost certainly not be making these covers, because, quite frankly, it’s not their business to. No one who wants to make money will probably do it because, frankly, it’s not a profitable idea (making the phone is barely profitable). Breaking even, I think, is possible, if someone wants to attempt it with an online print service (in bulk) and sell online. Check it out – any takers?


Maybe someone with a 3D printer could make these and sell them somewhere for all us people who don’t know someone with a 3D printer.



A flip cover (both horizontal and vertical) + screen protector would be the bare minimum upon release. I have been using a flip cover by MOZO brand for years now. Removing the original back cover of the phone and then simply click the phone into the frame. This will prevent the phone from falling out of the cover and protected extremely well under any circumstances. The buttons on the frame working seamlessly with the physical buttons on the phone.


It is probably the other way around when Purism want the Librem 5 to go mainstream: Who will want a potential great phone when no decent basic accessories are available? To the mainstream that would just confirm this is in fact a niche product and they will simply walk away from it. When Purism wants to take the Librem 5 to the next level they are obligated to offer at least a silicone cover, a flip cover and glass protection. By a third party or as an add-on. The one can’t go without the other…


Just for reference purposes
Flip case, vertical (replacing back of the phone)

Flip case, horizontal (replacing back of the phone and doubles as stand)