Phone Case for Librem 5! Who could make a great case?

It would be great to have a case for the phone. Who wants to risk damaging their investment right?
Below are manufactures I think Purism could possibly partner with. What are your thoughts about this people?





I really hope they gonna do something before shipping i’d like to add a phone case to my order


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Maybe an official reply could help :smiley:

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Agreed :sunglasses:

so you need the exact measurements and then someone good in cad

It may be possible to at the least get someone like dBrand to make some vinyl skins for the plastic parts, and then do a group buy or something of tempered glass screen protectors?

good idea

i like this because of the screen protection
===> SUPCASE Coque Samsung Galaxy S9, Full-Body Rugged

and i like this because she has several actions. foam that absorbs shock and hard plastic to prevent punctures. ===>
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3D models would be great!


I know nothing about this company, except that they make good phone cases.

They would cost a lot if produced. It’s all about the projected sales and we all know how small would be demand for this phone. And their prices on the most produced case for the most popular devices are already asking the highest on the market - averaging at $40. They are also too heavy and ugly for the most part. You don’t wanna slam a brick on a brick :slight_smile:
5.5 + in phones are already big , so what’s needed is a slimmer yet durable and properly cushioned case. That’s where TECH 21 comes to mind. They average around $20 - 25 and guarantee that the phone will survive any drop up to 8 feet, I believe. I’m the one who “tested” it on my phone many times :slight_smile: as well as my friends on theirs. But, I doubt they would do it for a small production like Librem. They are already conservative with their selection of devices - supportng very few OEMs outside of Apple and Samsung devices.
I guess, Purism is gonna have to reach out to some manufacturers and see if they could make a deal. Otherwise, we’ll have to deal with some dirt cheap 3D print style cases or just make it ourselves :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but someone said that when the phone is ready, the file for 3D printing of the protection will be made available for download. so everyone can print it where he prefers.


But not everyone has a 3d printer. It would be cool if there where public 3D Printers though, where you could just feed it a blueprint and pay a fee.


Where I live there are multiple places where you can do exactly that. One university, one makerspace and one private company which provide that exact service in a city of just below 100k people. If you live in a moderately modern country this is likely the case for you as well but you’re just not aware of it.

Even with that in mind though, a 3D-printed phone case would likely be either of bad quality or very thick so that’s a sub-par solution.


I would probably wait for the rugged Librem5.

I have the bad tendency to drop my phone, and all these glass and aluminum phones are prone to ding or shatter. I already broke my XiaoMi screen 3 times. :frowning:
Luckilly, replacement parts are quite cheap, and I can fix them by myself. But I would prefer to avoid that.

So I would definitely buy a rugged, IP68/IP69/MIL-STD810G or whatever spec’d phone !

Why would a phone be safe from malwares and hackers, and not safe against natural incidents or mishaps ?
I’m looking for a phone that is safe, reliable and durable. Won’t us all ?


hmm, personally I don’t usually use a case, but I am considering printing one up in TPU for the Librem 5. I can’t imagine that to be any worse than the slim cases I have seen retail. Once the form factor is locked in if there isn’t already a case on Thingiverse, I’ll upload one. I wouldn’t expect it to protect the screen from breaking should the device fall, but it should keep the phone scuff free and add a bit of grip.

The only proper or better to say sufficient smartphone protection cases, here already mentioned precisely by Tatatirci with some good reason, are made by usage of D3O® technology. Those cases came from Strax brand GEAR4, from EFM® (Aspen, Cayman, Monaco, Verona) and since 2013 from Tech21 (but only if they did not change something in their production). To be clear and as my subjective approach, the rest of the already mentioned cases here have only cosmetic purpose related to so called money/music issue.

Yes, I would be very thankful if Purism contact here mentioned ones using D3O® Protection and hopefully we have same PROTECTIVE Cases for Librem 5 available in the future, hopefully soon … Please! And even if it would be by individual requests production price (by way of pre-order or something similar, directly or indirectly), why not to try to make those somehow available to some of us?

Furthermore, as NXP i.MX 8M is quite big and powerful engine let us leave Purism people to make requirements for design and production of certified protective case, purposely tailored … meaning here for me is important Librem 5 edges protection, as slim as it is necessary, from eventual (few) upcoming drop(s) and not whole body clothing (called armour) that may cause additional and/or certainly unnecessary heating issues. Thanks!


I posted months ago about the idea of trying to get Spigen to make a phone case…the type that allows you to carry debit cards and drivers license on the backside of the case.

Do you have any news about them? The picture you showed on your post looks quite interesting, but the door looks like it’s going to break if my phone falls from my hands to the ground (that would be about 1m60-70).