Phone delay question


Dear 2disbetter, I do not want to talk politics here. Lets concentrate on Purism. If Purism changed their policy after I placed my order then I will strongly complain. And I do not accept any reimbursement. The deal was that Librem5 will be shipped within EU. I want the phone and there was a deal for this.

Please comment on this issue and not on politics.


@antonis, it’s not hard to find the relevant information on the campaign page
Ctrl + F, "reseller", Enter (3 matches, “europe” also works)

I think it was slightly adapted, but the general info seems to be the same as a year ago. It seems to boil down to:

  • free worlwide shipping (excluding insurance)
  • no taxes in the US
  • no taxes in DE
  • possibly no taxes in other EU (Schengen) countries, if also shipped from DE


So we are not asking for something illegal, but for Purism to keep the own word. Dear Nicole (or someone else from Purism’ management) can you please clarify this? Thanks in advance.


Yes you are correct. I got confused with the general FAQ instead of the campaign FAQ. Again, this sentence has changed after I placed my order. It was saying that shipping within EU is a certainty. It was saying they had partnered with a GE/UK/EU distributor. Now it says something different which leaves doubt about EU except DE.

This must be resolved.


@2disbetter about schools, roads etc. Why should someone pay for all these for both the EU and the US? Because the 599 includes the US Tax. So it is not a matter of paying for country services. It is about double taxation. Let Purism remove US Tax, and we will pay our VAT for schools and roads.


In the US sale tax is not added to the price you see. $599 is without tax. So you are not paying US taxes.


Then something is very weird. Clearly US does not need roads and schools.


You misunderstand. Unless you see US taxes on your recipe from Purism then you were not charged any. Taxes are not already included in the price of things when they are for sale. Only when you check out are taxes assessed. So if you paid 599, you didn’t pay any US taxes.


Can we please stop that discussion about tax and wait for a statement of Purism how they will fullfill their own word, shipping to DE (and maybe EU) supporters from DE. Thanks


I view clearing up confusion as only a good thing. As the discussion regarding how taxes work in the states really has nothing to do with Purism to begin with but is useful to non-US customers I don’t think it is a problem here.

BTW just not responding to the OT response is usually the best way to get the conversation back on track.


I agree completely with you. And I hope to be a partner of this project - not a customer. I think the creation of a Linux phone with free, open and privacy oriented construction is so important that I do not care about the details. I have put my money into the project and I will pay more if it is necessary (even if I am not wealthy). I also support the people working with this project in any other way I can.


The Brazilian importation taxes sum up to 80% of the product (I’ll have to pay almost twice for the phone). That’s just absurd, but I’ll have to pay that anyway, even though that money isn’t properly used to increase the population’s welfare, as national and international “investors” from US, EU, China, etc., push the implementation of neoliberal policies as a manner of suppressing investment in key areas as health and education - as well as foreigner spoliation of natural resources with a subsequent finger pointed to our faces accusing us from destroying it. But well, that’s not a Purism’s problem and more a problem with our govts. We’ll have to pay our taxes in the end. By the other hand, if there was a Purism’s promise of reselling the phone in EU areas, thus avoiding the importation taxes, than that word must be fulfilled. P.S. due to dollar positive fluctuation the taxes may overcome the product’s price, :persevere: , but apart from that I’m excited with the project and can’t wait to have my Librem5 :slightly_smiling_face: .