Phone dimensions?

I apologise if this is something that I should be able to find easily, but I couldn’t. Can someone please point me to the actual phone dimensions? All I seem to be able to find is screen being 5.7", but nothing else.

I’d like to see the actual height, width, thickness. Its probably obvious to those who navigate around the Purism website regularly, but not to me.

Any pointers gratefully accepted.

Just now I can’t remember the original source but 147.1x73.3x15mm were mentioned around when Aspen batch was launched, if memory serves. There may be small changes in the final Evergreen batch but probably not much. I’ll see if I can track down anything recent on it…

On the official page dimensions are TBA

Thanks for that. I’m just chasing this up because it looked monstrous in one of the vids I saw. Those dimensions make it bigger all round than my current Moto G5. About 3mm bigger in height and width. The thickness is what it is of course.

True. There has been several previous discussion threads where size has been hashed. Some/most of it is due to the technical requirements and limitations (the board, radios, used chips). It will make finding a case interesting and some are keen to have a case on top of that thicknes. But size allows for certain things also (replaceable battery for one, which goes a long way to enable L5 to live longer). Maybe L6 or L7 are thinner… in 2030? :thinking:

For that reason I would not rely on any published dimensions so far.

For general discussion … sure, go for it.

For buying or making a case, for example … risky.

The expectation is that L5 v1 will be thick though.

THICK :sweat_smile:

Yeah, for those easily replaceable three triple-a batteries!

The original source for the dimensions was of course CTO Nicole Færber’s speech at CCC where this was shown (at 21:36) :
And I have no explanation where the difference in the numbers comes from - possibly a typo.

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According to Azdle’s review of Birch, the Librem 5 dimensions are 150.2 mm tall, 75.2 mm wide and 15.6 mm thick. TechRadar’s review of Chestnut says that the dimensions are 150 x 75 x 15.5 mm.

I doubt that Dogwood will be thinner, because it increases the battery capacity from 2000 to 3500 mAh and it adds a metal sheet between the PCB and screen to dissipate heat and adds an internal plastic cover over the M.2 cards. That internal plastic cover makes it possible to see if anyone has tampered with the hardware, because you can paint glitter over the screws.

I see valid reasons for these changes, but I don’t think Purism can make the phone much slimmer.


not YET anyway …