Will any pre-existing phone cases work for Librem 5?


I looked on the forum to see if anyone knew of a pre-existing phone case for android or iPhone made by otter or other case makers have the same outer dimensions and same camera and button placing so that a pre-existing case would work. I couldn’t find any discussion on that subject.


There is at least one silicone thingie (“Borat swimsuit” :nauseated_face:) that can stretch to cover corners. But as there isn’t a phone of L5 size there doesn’t seem to be a case of its size. Searches revealed:

So, to answer the question: no, not really. If you can find one that is made in a way that allows for a slightly different sized phone to fit, it might offer a solution. Unfortunately those listed phones are relatively old and not mainstream, so there aren’t a lot options there. This goes to both, the wraparound case type (mostly not taken off of the phone) and the holster/pouch (from where you take the phone out of to use it). The known and used dimensions at the moment are ,to my knowledge, unconfirmed but might change only a tiny fraction.

At the moment it seems to me:

  1. Find a “universal” stretching case that fits so-so and offers some protection (you may have to cut holes for switches and camera and accept unnecessary holes)
  2. Make a DIY case (there are pretty good methods from silicone to printing - see other threads) but designs and protection varies
  3. Get a case maker involved (tried that last fall: only smaller seem to take any interest but the risk is too high for small batches - need assurances/backup/investment/risksharing [Purism?])
  4. Start a crouwndfunding to preorder (about 20000-30000 € or $ needed to get a small case firm to do a batch [and I’m talking about ethical manufacturing])
  5. The phone is released, size and Evergreen batch numbers become available (or are quessed) and someone in China starts to crank out cheap cases