Phosh Update -- Good & Bad

Just got a bunch of Phosh updates. I haven’t read the change log, but I see a big change to the look of the status bar pull-down.

I think I like the new look, but the screen brightness control is broken. You can still change brightness from Settings, but auto-brightness is broken.

I don’t think anything changed in how brightness is handled in recent versions. What do you exactly mean by “broken”?

For me both sliders (audio vol and screen brightness) are working as expected after a reboot.

auto brigtness has always been broken, right?

purism@pureos:~$ monitor-sensor
    Waiting for iio-sensor-proxy to appear
+++ iio-sensor-proxy appeared
=== Has accelerometer (orientation: undefined)
=== Has ambient light sensor (value: 0.000000, unit: lux)
=== Has proximity sensor (near: 0)
    Proximity value changed: 1
    Accelerometer orientation changed: bottom-up
    Accelerometer orientation changed: left-up
    Light changed: 0.480000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.000000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.480000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.600000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.000000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.240000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.000000 (lux)
    Light changed: 0.360000 (lux)

When the sensor shows 0.00 I was tapping the L5 with my hand. I.e. the sensor works, but dimming the display does not.

I’ve been looking for that. Where can I find it?

There is also an additional one for the bugfix release 0.25.2

But I can’t yet see any new phosh or phoc updates on my phone. Do they get delivered in bunches or do I have to add another repo to get them earlier?

I installed this update this mornng. I am in the habit of not always waiting for the updates to be offered: I have my phone checking for updates.

Talking about good and bad…
One of the good things is that the phone no longer locks when you push the on/off button.
The bad thing is that the phone switches to landscape orientation after the button is clicked. And it does not revert from that.

Hmm. I can’t replicate the exact error I described in the previous mesage.
But there is definitely something awry with the orientation behaviour.
I’ll try another reboot.

edit: after the reboot, the phone gets (temporarily) stuck on landscape orientation if you push the on/off switch in that orientation.
It’s not a biggy, but it is something of a bug.

HAL - LE - LU - JAH! :+1: :rofl:

About the new dropdown look:
It’s nice looking, but I’m not sure if I prefer it over the old look. I suppose if more buttons for different functions get added in later, the new layout will be easier to manage, though.


Yeo looks like it finally dropped today. I like all the changes, but especially the resume from suspend fix.

As this is the case can we PLEASE move suspend to the drop down power icon options? Right now we have shutdown and restart as options. It would be great if suspend was there as well.

@dos any word on if the fix for the modem on resume is incoming?

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Hijole… I feel STUPID. Looks like you all switched brightness and volume positionally… I didn’t even see the icons until now. :grimacing: That’s what happens after a midnight update.

Great for driving, not so great for security. Used to be that you could hit the power button as you handed the phone to someone and could decline to unlock it for the lawman. Now, they just tap power and they are in.

Would be nice to program one tap to turn off the screen and two taps to lock.

Keep up the good work!


Yeah Phosh is changing violently, it is no longer known which is the real face of posh.

One way to handle that is by adjusting the timeout preference back to the “lock immediately” setting.

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What i really waiting it is the next linux version for L5.
Kudos for @dos - Sebastian krzyszkowiak - Purism

I like the design but it takes a little at first to get used to the button layout and nomenclature. Maybe moving the sliders below the buttons would be better (easier to reach - thumb can only move 2" from bottom screen edge, or just changing them to vertical sliders on the right of the screen next to notifications, buttons etc…

The power button still doesnt work properly so that may require a kernel fix that is upcoming. When you hit the power button twice quickly it should just lock similar to the iphone without the need to bring the display up. It really gets confused when you do the following:

  1. with screen on hit the power button 10 times quickly (not too quickly)
  2. phone screen will turn off, turn on, turn off and at some point stay off
  3. once screen stays off push power button once
  4. screen turns on, push button and screen turns off
  5. observe on button release the screen turns on again, and then keeps turning off and on without pushing any button

You might have to repeat steps 2-4 a few times to get it into that state. Always waiting a few seconds inbetween power button press.

Similar to:

  1. switch screen to landscape and read firefox blog,
  2. with auto rotate on push power button once, screen turns off,
  3. push power button again,
  4. screen turns on and firefox is in portrait, even though phone is still being held in landscape mode,
  5. what it should be doing for screen blanking is maintain screen orientation,
  6. what it should be doing during locking is switch to portrait mode, only if osk pin pad is shown either on phone locking or screen unblanking with phone locked screen

Maybe a future improvement could be to add a landscape optimized osk unlock screen.

Which package version of phoc are you using? The power button should work properly in PureOS already.

If you’re using the unpatched version somewhere else, the workaround is to press and release the button quickly (otherwise the release event gets registered as activity that wakes the screen up).

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v0.25.2 for phoc & phosh. Certainly behaves oddly in release events being registered, sometimes the button pressed not registering, or with a delay (maybe somesort of regression).

Another way to show it go a little wild is by:

  1. in portrait mode with display on and unlocked,
  2. push power button 0.5-1 sec.
  3. screen turns off, push again screen turns on
  4. now keep doing that until you notice the screen isnt reacting anymore to power button presses, then after a while starts turning on and off as if catching up with missed activities or power button presses