Phosh Update -- Good & Bad

I am, but I’m on byzantium-updates-proposed

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Yep, I have phoc 0.29 and I am not running proposed.

Here phoc 0.29 but still phosh 0.28

Sorry for this “half-off-topic / half-related” question : after this upgrade, when you boot your Librem 5, do you still see the “desktop” login manager (like on debian) just before the “smartphone” manager login ?
thank you

I saw this after I broke something some weeks ago (I knew it was my fault). I reinstalled PureOS and since this time I never experienced it again. Currently running same version as people wrote above.

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There is no need to have gdm3 package installed within PureOS, as based on my guess (as I understood your question) and therefore: sudo apt purge gnome-tweaks. Anyway, please check this post: Byzantium configuration (when/if applies/needed there).

Otherwise phosh_0.29.0-1pureos1~byz1 doesn’t change anything (in terms of your question).


Hello, I confirm that it works and if I am correct, less RAM is used (~500MB less).

you have to manually uninstall it if it shows since that login manager isnt used in phosh but installed by default with gnome tweaks.

I definitely have phosh 0.29.0-1pureos~byz2 now, it was somehow rolled out as an update during the DDoS attack.


with phosh/phoc 0.29


  1. audio selection from quick settings,
  2. suspend from power menue,
  3. additional mobile settings,

Not functioning properly:

  1. high contrast auto switching from mobile settings doesn’t really work, when switching high contrast on and off it dumps Gnome Tweaks Adwaita-Dark theme previously selected, user has to manually re-select it every time after the auto high contrast mode turns off, so not usable,
  2. touch inputs still lost on occasion in phosh in various apps (flatpak, non-flatpak), so swipes and touches aren’t detected anymore, you have to turn on and off the screen to bring it back,
  3. shell still experiences complete freezes, doesn’t wake from suspend right away and is still less stable in my mind than earlier versions of phosh, it hangs with the screen frozen at times just when the user was interacting with the phone and app, various apps,
  4. when a user scrolls and uses an app, e.g. pans around an image, types something into a text entry field, do not navigate away from that screen even when an app was launched, or provide setting to turn off the feature to immediatelly switch to whatever app was launched last, I think a better workaround is simply a banner that states, app is now ready (and that will go away quickly after say 1 second)
  5. not sure that is a phosh issue but links selected in matrix, or email open firefox, but often times do not load, when firefox was previously closed, when selecting the link again and a second tab opens in firefox it now loads, so all links have to be selected twice for it to work…
  6. the repeating audio slider when using volume hardware button and holding it changes too fast, i think it incorrectly is configured to assume you want no volume or max volume when holding slider, but as a user you just want to change it most of the time, just more quickly then one press at a time, so it could be slowed down by 100-200% repeating

3rd and 5th point are often just “slow”. For example I often experience that sudo in terminal often needs up to 20s before it will ask for password (head of terminal app becomes red until it ask for pw) while other times it comes instantly on same command. I have no clue what’s the difference.

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I think there is something wrong in your setup! It works for me always fairly quickly.

I don’t think so. I did nothing that should cause this. And as I said before, other times it works straight forwards. But that’s also nothing new to this patch.

check this one:

maybe it is host name configuration related. First entry should be: pureos localhost

If that is configured maybe it means it cannot find localhost quickly for whatever reason…

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Oh, that could really be a problem - I changed that “pureos” part to another name (in UI-settings) and didn’t know that it could cause such issue. I should have asked earlier in forum.

Should I replace “pureos” to what I’m using right now or should I add another line? I don’t want to break another thing that’s may worse.

I would give it a try! You can always revert just change the “pureos” part to what you are using, also there maybe more configuration files you need to change that in, also not sure those changes are permanent or are going to be overwritten through updates … I have seen people symlink folders they don’t want overwritten and delete the original one so on update nothing happens to your configuration files, but I find that kinda hacky.

Check this forum there are a few posts regarding more details on this issue, i think permanent solution is that gnome settings will make all necessary changes when changing the name, that should be a no-brainer.

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Some days ago I edit a file and made a dumb mistake - after restarting Phosh monitor stayed black. With offline forums it was not funny to find a way to fix this. Btw it was also related to the last update (an important configuration was overwritten). I just wanted to make sure that I don’t run into the next trap. :smile:

I changed it and right now I see no issue. But to see if it is better I have to try out for some days.

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One issue that I found was that a lack of swap space really does cause problems. You really should increase the size of your swap file. Yes, swap is slow, but with 3 or 4 gb of RAM you will most likely need it. Once I changed the size of my swap file, I have not had any slow downs or freezing issues. I have usually 5 things open at a time on my L5.

The Librety Phone does seem like a solid upgrade.


I can change a swap file fine, but I’m not super familiar with zram and am afraid to just modify /dev/zram0 willy-nilly.

Any chance you can share how that was done? I’d be happy to bump my 1.4GB swap file up a bit.