Plastic inside hinge crumbling ... any advice?

I have an old Librem 13v3. The plastic inside the covered part of the hinge is crumbling and the hinge doesn’t work properly. Please note, that the screw sockets holding down the plates that are visible when you remove the back are fine. I cannot show pictures of the damage because the damage is internal to the tube that contains the hinge rod.
Also note that Purism support is trying to help, but they just don’t understand my description of the problem. They think it’s the hinge plates.
If anyone can tell me how to get inside the hinge rod tube and superglue that sucker up, please advise. Thanks Purism for helping. I hope my 14 hinge is better and Purism says it is.

This is a photo of one of the hinges on the Librem 13. The middle section is the tube that rotates as the hinge. On the right is one side of the hinge with one of three screws visible. On the left is the hinge plate with three screws visible.
The problem was caused by an excessively tight hinge. If you look on the left hand side of the tube, you will see a nut under the space between the right and middle screws. This 5.5 mm nut can be loosened to avoid damage to the plastic. I used lithium grease as a lube, but it didn’t work. The plastic under the screw on the right hinge plate was crumbled and the plate came loose. I super-glued the plate back down. I loosened both hinge nuts to reduce the force necessary to operate the hinge. The plastic cover over the hinge area was undamaged.

I suggest you inspect the hinge. If plastic bits fall out after you remove the back and hinge cover, you will need to adjust your hinge nuts.

hello, please contact purism support at:

I have already been in contact with Purism support, sent pictures, asked questions, etc. I solved the problem. No further support needed.