Screen posts dislodged

So I have Librem 13 v 4. For a while now I noticed that the top left corner of the computer base separates. Today, I finally took off the back and discovered that all 3 screws that hold the monitor lever (whatever it’s called) in have come out along with the nuts that should have held into the frame. I don’t know how to explain it. Anyhow, I wonder if I just superglued in the bolts, whether that might solve the issue, or just live with it. This is rather odd also since the laptop pretty much only sits on my desktop top open. I hardly ever close it.

I think people call it “hinge” and there are several old threads about such problems with Librem 13, you might find advice there:

So it looks like something the production/design dept will need to address for future laptops. I just find it really odd that mine broke when I hardly ever move the screen.

I think it has already been addressed in the Librem 14.

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Alas I was told by support that they don’t have the necessary body parts to fix it and don’t know when, if ever, they will have the parts…