Please don't put accessories with the librem 5


The power bank should be great, but without solar panel. The dimension of the built solar panel is unable to do a real charge in a average time of 4 hours of plenty sun. I have bought someone like this you posted and pretty sure the solar panel it will never full charge the that powerbank. If you want, you can buy a real solar panel and charge from there. IMHO


I’m all for that sentimentally in reverence for Art Bell who’s whole studio was solar (RIP). I know it would be weird capitalism wise, but Purism might consider offering a space/page for tested third party accessory vendors.


Is this trolling already? I guess that this was not on topic that Purism puts solar powered battery packs into the package. ;-D

To me it seems a lot of ppl here have a lot of low quality accesories which break rather quick - :frowning:

The argument of not having accessories that match exactly is understandable, on the other hand I would expect that purism fulfills the standard (USB-C, headphone jack, docking station etc.) so that any good quality product will work and it’s not necessary to use their accessory. If not it would feel like apple to me - where you have to buy accessories from licensed companies just to let apple swim in money. ^^


Not “match exactly” the way apple’s accessories must match exactly. The term “matching” here mainly applies to the power supply, but even then any similarly-rated power adapter with a USB C cord will work, as will any standard headphone with a 3.5mm cord.

This is actually the crux of both sides of the argument. On the one hand, you can get those accessories from anywhere, and lots of people already have them. On the other, purism will supply something that definitely works. This is why, in my opinion, if there’s a way to get no accessories then it should be optional. Let the user decide for his- or herself.


You’re welcome. (^・ω・^ )


I guess they could give us the option to to choose which accessories we want with a simple email, like they already do with the modem. Everyone would be happy this way. Ok, maybe almost everyone.


agreed ! choices-choices - i would pick mine to ONLY include the phone with NOTHING extra …

should Purism also ship that in a smaller more compact box ? that way shipping by air is more efficient because you could cram more stuff inside … density per volume = increased efficiency and lower overall costs (but that is for when they catch up to Apple or Samsung in terms of bulk shipments)

likely not going to happen in the near future … most people don’t have the slightest clue about how to pare 3.5 mm jack-poles to the phones capability or buy a quality charger for the phone …

btw the usb-charger supplied by Purism in the box is a type A female … so you would need a type A-male to type C-male as a separate replacement cable … or was it a type C female port ?


It’s A female C male for the current batches.
EDIT: Well, this is confusing. The birch phone that TLG got has the c to c cable, while in the manual it says a to c:
Can someone clear this up?


So do we know what the exact specs are for the headphone port?

Standard computer audio (TRS)? (green plug / socket)

TRRS in any number of standards? (oxymoron intended)

I think this illustrates why the original suggestion is premature.

The design is still a little fluid and the shipment volumes are not high enough.


I am also on board with ditching the headphones. Seems like a waste of time and money to include them. I can only speak for myself but I hate cheap earbuds with a burning passion and only buy audiophile grade headphones. That stuff that comes in a phone box ends up broken, missing or given away. :wink:


I think it’s safe to say anything that works on your current phone will work with the L5. It would make no sense to take any other route.


(Except Apple) filler characters


I also have an older Android phone with a microUSB connector (?) on the charger - so at the very least that cable isn’t going to work either with the L5, I suppose. In fact, current household phone population is 5 and yet I don’t think any existing charger and cable will work with the L5.

Even if current household phone population were exactly two Librem 5 phones, I think I would want a charger for each - in case both phones are being charged at the same time. That of course is not an argument that other customers must not be able to order a phone without a charger. (With time on standby as it is now, it would be quite likely that phones would be being charged at the same time.)


99% of people on this forum though, so likely yourself, are tech people.

We have (well not me I break them) a million chargers lying about from this and that ect. Think about your ordinary user, who this phone must appeal to as well.

Ordinary people don’t have a million chargers lying about, they just don’t.

The accessories are a nice touch and help the phone feel more complete and professional imo.


All phones were shipped with a USB PD charger and USB-C to USB-C cable.


With the built-in obsolescence, particularly of Android phones, a non-technical user could already be on generation 4+ of their phone. Did they keep the old phones and the old chargers? Who knows. (Some people take a hand-me-down approach.)

With the original request, it doesn’t really matter whether a customer has old chargers. If no then order with a charger. If yes then order without a charger.

My concern was that the ordinary person won’t know whether the old charger is suitable for use with the shiny new Librem 5 phone and we shouldn’t ask an ordinary person to take on the task of finding out (the hard way).


@kieran Idk about other users but I go through chargers far quicker than I go through phones. Most non technical people I know don’t have loads of chargers and stuff laying around.


+1 for less electronic Waste

No Charger and no Headphone would be fully okay for me.
Usually most of these “nice” accessories are really cheap crab and waste of Money and especially waste of ressources.
I prefer buying just those things I need and which fit my requirements.


All someone need to know is Librem 5 USB Type-C socket info (supports PD2.0 and PD3.0 specifications and USB 2.0 High-Speed Data), rest is easy as it will be nowadays hard to find any charger/cable below such specification(s). Any USB-C Cable with Power Delivery (3A or 5A) and USB 3.0 or 3.1 specs that already lays around will serve the purpose too.


And how does one tell by looking at the cable they bought over a year ago whether it meets that? Just plug it in and hope it doesn’t melt? FWIW until now I had no reason to know that there were special cables for power delivery (much less different power ratings) vs just a cheap USB-C cable…

Also most of the people I know refer to that many acronyms as alphabet soup. A bunch of random letters together that has no real meaning to them. Saying “all someone needs to know” then dropping IT jargon isn’t as common knowledge as you might think.

Sure, most of us early adopters know this stuff and would look up the things we don’t, but most people want to turn on electronics and start using them to accomplish tasks; not everyone enjoys learning and even fewer enjoy learning about technology.

Just some, hopefully useful, perspective.