Please don't put accessories with the librem 5


about that … maybe usb cable manufacturers need a better way to let us mortals know EXACTLY what it is and what it’s limitations are … most products i buy in the store are HALF guess-duty with no easy way to figure this crap out …


Maybe like some sort of standard that a consortium agrees to?


exactly 3.0, 3.1 (gen1, gen2, etc.), 3.2, next 4.0, isn’t exactly helping … just rate the damn thing and tell us what it can and can’t do in a no bullshit label :triumph:


USB-IF Certified.


5A USB-C cables are having (sometimes) this number easily recognized on top of both connectors. They are not cheap, and even if not written down (5A) their cable thickness is not comparable to ordinary/slim 3A USB-C cables.


they got the current intensity rating right but the speed part not so much …

they only say it’s usb-2.0 so this means that they EXPECT users will KNOW that it is limited to 480 mb/s r/w bandwidth … and even then, most people don’t make the difference between megaBITS and megaBYTES …

for the L5 this is a non-issue since it CAN NOT surpass 480 mb/s anyway but maybe other devices CAN … results in the user having to buy something else > WALL-E


Well, this one might work for You!


i got a usb-c-to-usb-c 5A THICK cable @10gb/s with my Asus PA monitor so that is a non-issue for ME but i was referring to what OTHER people might run by when they go into a computer-shop (physical or virtual doesn’t matter) and they get a headache at the cables shelf :dizzy_face:


Thanks, I didn’t know USB-IF was even a thing. But that kind of backs up the point that most people don’t and won’t know all these things and your comment about it SOMETIMES being marked on the cable is precisely the problem, sometimes it isn’t and that’s either a poor standard or poor implementation.

Either way, this is not something someone should have to guess on or research extensively for a new device. I’m on board with an OPTION to opt out of cables/accessories, but the default should, in my opinion, be to include these standard accessories.


I don’t really need another earphone headset, but I absolutely want a charger and USB cable to be included.

+1 for swapping the headphones for a silicone cover

If Purism wasn’t going to supply a charger and a cable, then I would certainly have to buy one. I’d really appreciate not being put through the hassle of:

  • figuring out which chargers and cables are compatible;
  • deciphering retailers’ obfuscations of the technical specifications; and
  • avoiding fake, unsafe and regulatory non-compliant products.

I like to use the manufacturer’s supplied charger, and I don’t have any spare ones knocking around anyway.


I agree, I think librem 5 should come without any accessories because everyone have it and if someboy even don’t have one - he can easily buy one in any shop. I agree about money and also I think about ecology


I think it’s obvious that a phone should come with a charging cable, ideally one that also serves as data.

I do agree that headphones are a bit unnecessary though. Same thing with a case. If you want to buy those, you can totally do that, but I think when buying the phone it should just be the phone, and the charging/data cable. Keep it simple and clean.


Isn’t the

Mechanical Design: Molded case.

advertised in the Evergreen Batch details a phone case?


Well, depends on how you define “phone case”. I believe they refer just to the permanent case around the phone components, the exterior of the phone. In the Aspen batch it says “Individually milled case” and I highly doubt that they received an individually milled external case.