Poll on favourite Linux mobile ui shell

Pine have a poll for your favourite Linux mobile ui/ shell, voting on Twitter

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Recommend voting. Scores on the doors currently,

  1. Plasma Mobile 34.8%
  2. Lomiri 31.1%
  3. Phosh 27.8%
  4. Other 6.3%

I think the results of the poll are biased because of the hosting platform, you know. Do Phosh users even use Twitter?


Quite possibly. But Phosh is only 50 votes off winning when I looked a moment ago. 2 hours left to vote.

I don’t feel confident to vote because phosh is the only thing I tried.

This. I would vote for Phosh, but Twitter? No, thanks.


I wonder what the results would be on Facebook :wink:

There are reasons to distrust the results of the Twitter poll in my opinion. See my comments on Reddit about the Twitter poll: https://www.reddit.com/r/Purism/comments/m80tw0/ltt_mentions_librem5_in_the_pinephone_video/grfu2iz/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Both Lomiri and Plasma Mobile are much older than Phosh and so they had with time much more users and popularity.

We do not know (?) the numbers of PinePhones delivered with each of the UI (3 of 5 community edition with Phosh says nothing about the real numbers).

Mobian was the most recent one with Phosh and people like myself didn’t test yet the other UIs (and probably didn’t vote).

On Mobian, Phosh is crashing often. A really bummer to loose all the stuff in your opened applications.

@amosbatto, your 40 votes poll is really irrelevant. Saying based on that that 65% PinePhone users prefer Phosh is very very wrong.

So far this Twitter poll is the best we have. I think Phosh did really good considering the above I said.